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DJ Akilles – Best of 2009 (mixtape)

DJ Akilles Best of 2009 (Front)

Dj Akilles has previously released two (as far as I know) mixtapes collecting the best, biggest and most influential tracks from the previous year. In 2006 he released The “Best of 2005″-mixtape through the site “Svensk Underjord” which mixed Swedish and American hip-hop. Last year he released “Best of 2008″ trough the Community/Blog Whoa which focused on Swedish hip-hop only. When it’s time to sum up the best tracks from 2009 he’s back to the concept of the 2005-mixtape and mixes both American and Swedish hip-hop.

31 tracks are mixed together by scratch and beat-juggling to form this mixtape that contains tracks from Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Method Man & Redman, Jay-Z, Drake, Clipse, Organismen, Mofeta & Jerre, Ken Ring and many more. On top of this the mixtape also contains a brand new exclusive track from Professor P & Dj Akilles called “Each and Every Station”. Professor P & Dj Akilles will release a new EP later this year, so this could be a taste of what’s coming.

Click here to download “Best of 2009″ from Dj Akilles Blog.

  1. Intro
  2. Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock
  3. Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah & Method Man – New Wu
  4. Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed
  5. Method Man & Redman – A-Yo
  6. M.O.P. feat Redman – Riding Through
  7. Royce Da 5’9” feat. Phonte – Something 2 Ride 2
  8. Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli – History
  9. Asher Roth – I Love College
  10. Edo. G & Masta Ace – Over There
  11. The Game – Bang Along
  12. Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)
  13. Fat Joe feat. Raekwon & TA – Ice Cream
  14. Busta Rhymes Feat. Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, John Legend & Common – Decision
  15. Q-Tip – Blue Girl
  16. Method Man & Redamn – Mrs. International
  17. Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West & Common – Make Her Say (I Poke Her Face)
  18. Wale feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin
  19. DJ Quick & Kurupt – Blaqout
  20. Michael Jackson – This Is It (DJ Akilles Refix)
  21. J Dilla feat. Havoc & Raekwon – 24k Rap
  22. Organismen – Den Vita Kaninen
  23. Clipse feat. Cam’ron – Popular Demand (Popeyes)
  24. Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem – Forever
  25. Mofeta & Jerre – Sitter Som En Smäck
  26. Drake – Best I Ever Had
  27. Camp Lo feat. Tyler Woods – Gotcha
  28. Raekwon feat. Lyfe Jennings – Catalina
  29. Eminem feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle
  30. Slaughterhouse – The One + Travis Barker Remix
  31. Ken Ring – Hiphop
  32. BONUS TRACK: Professor P & DJ Akilles – Each And Every Station

Kaanquest – Waiting For The Bus

We wrote about Kaanquest yesterday but this track was to good not to write about. The track is entitled “Waiting for the bus” and is a storytelling track which aims to be a contrast to the more commercial sound of a lot of the hiphop today. “Waiting for the bus” is produced by The Busdriver and was chosen as “Mp3 of the week” last week on the community Whoa.

The track can be downloaded from Whoa’s blog.

Mohammed Ali – Lever för det här feat. Danjah

Mohammed Ali released their album “Processen” earlier this year as a free download through the hiphop-community whoa. Since then they’ve been doing gigs all over Sweden and has really shown that they’re here to stay. “Processen” recieved great reviews from the press and Mohammed Ali is currently one of the most talked about groups on the Swedish scene. Now it’s time for their second video from the album, “Lever för det här”, which features Danjah.

The video is produced by Concrete Steppa Pictures and directed by Oliver Martin Henriquez.  Assistant director: Duncan Mukada.

Stor – Nya Skolans Ledare

Stor - Nya skolans ledare

It’s been two years since Stor released his mix-tape “Dikter ifrån bikten” and since then much has happened. Stor left the group Vendetta to focus on his solo career and has started to work with The Salazar Brothers. He is now also part of the Ayla collective consisting of  Mack Beats, Carlito and  Mohammed Ali. The last release from Ayla was the critically acclaimed mix-tape “Processen” by Mohammed Ali and now the time has finally come for Stor to drop his album, called “Nya Skolans Ledare”.

The first single from the album, “Stockholmsnatt” featuring Adam Tensta and Danjah, was released in November last year and the album was originally scheduled for release in December last year. So a lot of people have been waiting for this (me included) but it was well worth the wait, Stor and Ayla really proves that they are in fact “Leaders of the new school”. The album is produced by The Salazar Brothers, Mack Beats, Masayada and Ears and it features guest appearances from Adam Tensta, Danjah Fille, Jacco, Mohammed Ali, Petter, Promoe,and Sepideh Vaziri.

“Nya skolans ledare” is available for free through Whoa, Playahead, TopStreetWear and MyBestFriendIsMyGrind.

This year is definitely belonging to Ayla and their next release seems to be Mack Beats solo album.


1. Minut för minut (Prod. Masse)
2. Allt vi gjort (ft. DanJah) (Prod. Masse)
3. Aina (ft. Mohammed Ali) (Prod. Salla & Chepe)
4. Terminal 5 (ft. Fille) (Prod. Masse)
5. Gata upp gata ner (ft. Sepideh Vaziri) (Prod. Masse)
6. Den här (ft. Petter) (Prod. Salla)
7. Psykos (Prod. Ears)
8. Lilla shorty (Prod. Masse)
9. Baby problem (ft. Jacco) (Prod. Masayada)
10. Sätt dig ner (ft. Promoe) (Prod. Mack Beats)
11. Stockholmsnatt (ft. Adam Tensta & DanJah) (Prod. Masse)
12. Min freestyle (Prod. Masse)

Mohammed Ali – Hinna Hinna [Remix]

Mohammed Ali - Hinna Hinna

The group Mohammed Ali (formerly known as UKN) which consists of rappers Moms och Alias Ruggig released their album “Processen” a couple of months ago as a free download through the Swedish hip hop community Whoa. The album was their return to the spotlight after their change of name from UKN to Mohammed Ali. Even though a change of name might seem like just a PR-trick, this was clearly not the case with Mohammed Ali as the album featured a more mature sound than previously and it was obvious that they really had put down a lot of effort into their songs. The album was well recieved by the audience as well as the critics and Chepe from The Salazar Brothers even said that “this is the best album I’ve heard in 10 years!”.

The track “Hinna Hinna”, which deals with the more commercial influence in hip hop today, has been climbing the swedish national radio for a couple of months now and recently they released a remix produced by Masse.

The remix was released exclusively from Ametist blog on MTV and can be downloaded from here! If you haven’t already downloaded “Processen” I strongly advise you to do it, because it is one of best releases (so far) of 2009! You can download “Processen” from whoa’s blog. The album “Processen” is part of a trilogy and the second and third installment, “Processen fortsätter” and “Slutprocessen”, are scheduled for release later this year!

Zacke – Förlorad generation feat. Kihlen

Zacke made a name for himself in 2004 with his EP, “Färdighaft” wich gained him airtime on ZTV, P3 and a show at Hultsfred. The future looked bright and there was roumours about a full lenght album. But all of a sudden it went quiet about him, and no news about the album was to be found.

Until May 2008 when he announced that a album was on it’s way and the first single, “BS”, was released. The second peak from the album came in September when he released the track “Förlorad Generation” as an exclusive Mp3 on the community Whoa. The track was picked up by P3 in December, due to this they decided to shoot a video. The video was shot with stop-motion technique during the end of December and features Kihlen (from Snook) who has produced the track.

The album, entitled Visst är det vackert, is due to be released sometime during February this year!

“Förlorad Generation” can be downloaded from here!

Medina – Varsågod de e gratis vol 2

Medina - Varsågod De E Gratis framsida

The group Medina, which consists of rappers Alibi and Sam-E, is lunching their new homepage and to celebrate that they’re releasing a new mixtape called “Varsågod De E Gratis Vol.2″. It seems like they’ve got big plans for 2009 and according to Whoas excellent list of releases for 2009 it looks like their going to release one solo album each as well as a full lenght Medina album.


01. Vet Ni Vad (Intro)
02. Patriot
03. Bättre Deal
04. Min Publik
05. Gustav Vasa
06. Rulla Upp Veva Ner feat. Dell
07. Anarki
08. Sagoland
09. Stulen Själ
10. Jul Igen
11. Nu När Du Inte Finns feat. Ken Ring
12. Beväpnar Mig
13. Så Dom Gör De feat. Allyawan, Palestine & Aida
14. Snabba Liv feat. Sebb

Click here to download “Varsågod De E Gratis Vol.2″

Merry Christmas!


It’s been a while since we updated The Salad days and it’s probably going to be a little while until we can start to update it frequently again. The reason for this is because “Niklas”, who I run this blog with, is currently in the middle of moving and I’ve been stuck at work so I haven’t had time or energy to update. After the Holidays I hopefully won’t be stuck at work as much as I’ve been lately and Niklas will be seteled in so that we can start with the frequent updating again.

Since our last post much has happened. I’ve started to write and update Chords homepage (which was once a fan-page that I started when i was 15-16) and I recently joined the hiphop-comunity Whoa’s blog as a writer, which I feel very honored about I just hope that I’ll be able to reach up to the high standards that the writers today manage to keep. Right now I’ve only written the second comment on the review of “Petter – X” but hopefully you’ll see more of me there in the future.

But this blog isn’t supposed to be about me, then nobody would read it. It’s about Swedish hiphop and since our last post so much has happened on the Swedish hiphop-scene that it’s impossible for me to even be able to sum it up! So I’ll just try to give you some of the highlights.


Allyawan (who we’ve written about earlier) has finally released his mixtape “Blu Duk Tales Vol.2″ and it’s smoking! The mixtape is released as a free download on whoa!

Gott & Blandat #2 Cover

Recently Swedish producer Masse released his mixtape Gott & Blandat #2 which features some of Swedens greatest MCs right now and Masse really proves why he’s considered one of Swedens best producers. The mixtape is avalible for free through Whoa and as if that wasn’t enough he is, in collaboration with whoa, giving you an early christmas present in the form of Gott & Blandat #1. This mixtape was released in 2001 and this is the first time it’s avalible in digital form.


But Masse and Whoa aren’t the only ones giving away early christmas presents! DJ/Blogger/Hip-Hop connaisseur DJ Sleepy is giving away a special Petter X-mas mixtape. The mixtape contains freestyles, rare tracks, remixes, blends and some tracks that didn’t make it to his last full lenght album, “Goddamnit”.


Another early Christmas present comes from Prop Dylan and producer Logophobia in the form of  The Morning After EP”. The EP is released through Kingsize Magazine and Prop Dylan keeps showing why he is one of the most promising MC’s right now! He also recently released a video to the track “Top of the top” which features guest appearances from Promoe and Caribinghi

While I’m on the subject of videos I thought I just post one last thing that’s happened since our last post. The group Movits! who released their debut album “Äppelknyckarjazz” earlier this year (I feel a bit embarassed that I haven’t written about them earlier)  just released the video to their third single called “Fel del av gården” and I really dig their jazzy-organic sound! The video is directed by Axel Söderlund

Well I think that’s all I can manage to write in one post, hopefully you didn’t fall asleep while reading it. TSD will take a break (yeah I know we haven’t updated the site anyways, but now it’s officially a break) but we will return after the holidays. We have some ideas that we’ll hopefully realise in 2009 and we’re working on a project together with the very secret blogger Majestic Flow which will hopefully be finished during the first quarter of 2009!

Until then TSD wishes you a Merry christmas and a Happy New year!