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Ken Ring – Förort

Ken Ring var gäst på “En kärleksattack på svensk hiphop” igår där han premiärspelade låten “Förort“. Låten är hans bidrag till producentens Can “Stress” Canatans kommande album som släpps senare i år. I dagsläget vet vi inte mycket mer om själva albumet, men vi är helt klart nyfikna på det.

Och givetvis ser vi även fram emot Kens egna släpp i år, samarbetet med norska producenten Tommy Tee som resulterar i 2 legender utan penger igjen och det nya soloalbumet AkustiKEN.

Skivan kommer att släppas via Soblue Music/So Blue Productions AB. Utöver Ken så medverkar halva hiphop-Sverige: Timbuktu, Petter feat Johnel, Chapee n Chess, Lazee, Adam Tensta, Dida, Eboi feat Aleks, Näääk & Nimo, Mohammed Ali, Medina, Salif Ison & Fille, Labyrinten, TJ, Sthlm Syndromet, Houman Sebghati och Kartellen (Sebbe).

Petter, Ison & Fille och Mogge "För Alla Dom" (video trailer)

The two latest singles from Ison & Fille left me feeling a bit disappointed. Not because they were bad songs, I thought they were great. But even though they’re great as solo artist they’re practically unbeatable as a group. Now it’s finally time for a track with both of them on it. The track is called “För Alla Dom” and is produced by Saska and is a collaboration between Ison & Fille, Petter and Mogge (Masayah).

The track samples the song “Till dom ensamma” by Mauro Scocco and according to Ametist all surplus from the single will be donated to “Situation Stockholm” (a magazine which tries to help homeless people to get back on their feet).

The single and video will be released on November 24 through Hemmalaget/UVR/Bonnier. Until then I will have to put the first few seconds of the trailer on repeat (I’m already hooked and I reeeeeeeeeally want to hear the full track).


You can now listen to ”För Alla Dom” over at DN På Stan’s blog!

Organismen – Tomma Ord feat. Avastyle


Organismen visited Ametist last friday on the show “En Kärleksattack på Svensk Hiphop” where he gave an open-hearted interview and played the second single, “Tomma Ord”, from the upcoming album “Om Gud Vill och Vädret Tillåter”. The track features Avastyle who also produced it and is a bit more laid back and than the first single, “Den Vita Kaninen”. Even though I really liked the first single I have to admit that this is how I prefer organismen, laid-back and reflecting. He describes the track as

“a song about all the lies we promise each other. About wanting to change oneself, growing up or quitting bad habits, even though deep down you know that you will fall back in to old habits again.”

The track is now avaliable as a free download through Ametist blog and “Om Gud Vill och Vädret Tillåter” will be released through Pirate Bay in the end of June.

AFC – Inatt


AFC — Allied Forces Crew is maybe mostly known for the wide public as being some sort of sidekick(s) to Petter since they have featured several of his joints and been on tours with him during his 10 years career. Most famous is probably the single “Repa skivan” with Petter released 2004. They have also featured other artists like Ison & Fille and Fjärde Världen to mention some.

However, the twins Thabo (aka Smiley) and Ramo started making music allready 1991 in a constellation called “Funk Squad” with DJ A.K and back then they rapped in english. It wasn’t before 2001 they started doing tracks in swedish but they still continous to rap in english as well.

They released their debut album “Varje Dag E Löning” back in 2006 and several issues with the record lead to silence around the twins. But, two months ago they released their great rough street single “Git Sumthin” produced by Dj Large.

And now it’s time for their second single, this one in swedish, called “Inatt” produced by Astma & Rocwell. Both singles are an earnest of their two planned record, one in swedish and one in english which drops this autumn through their own label Slangin’ Records. Hopefully.

A video for “Inatt” is being prepared and you can find some backstage footage from the video recording over at Wonlove.

Click here to go to Ametist’s blog and listen to “Inatt”

EDIT: You can now find “Inatt” at Spotify and iTunes.

Trainspotters – The grip tape

Trainspotters - The Griptape (Cover)

The group Trainspotters, consisting of George Kaplan and Rewind, has made quite a reputation for themselves through gigs in cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki, as well as major festivals. Even though music distribution today is mainly handled digitally the group has still managed to sell over 5000 12″ vinyls as well as DVDs, CDs and cassettes through stores in cities such as Berlin, Boston, London and Tokyo.

A couple of days ago they released a new mixtape called “The Grip Tape”. The mixtape is a tribute to skateboarding and is put together by Chefen and presented by Random Bastards. The mixtape contains 18 tracks with features from artists such as Academics, Allyawan, Mr. Noun(Supersci), Mofeta,Kashal-Tee and Prop Dylan.

Click here to download “The Grip Tape” in a zip file (192 Kbps)

This free download is made possible by Transition Magazine, Method.TV, Stale and New Era Fits.


1. Intro (produced by Chefen)
2. Ain’t My Style feat. Prop Dylan (produced by Academics)
3. Take A Hit feat. Palabras & Leelo (produced by Tom 12″)
4. Laid Back (produced by Academics)
5. Growin Up (produced by Flinta)
6. Growin Up remix (produced by Academics)
7. Bullshit Rap feat. Allyawan, Mr Noun (Supersci), Sci-Fi, Kashal-Tee, Prop Dylan & Mufakka (produced by Hands Funky 5ingers)
8. Skitsnack Rap feat. Mickelito, Marke, Gimpladesh, Academics, Mofeta, Queff & Toffer (produced by Hands Funky 5ingers)
9. I Tid feat. Bobbo, Marke, Max & Niklas
10. Don’t You Know feat. JXP (produced by Academics)
11. That’s How (produced by Academics)
12. Boards & Beats feat. Mr Noun (Supersci) King Chris & Vernon (produced by Chefen)
13. City Streets feat. Incks & Chiara Bombieri-Morales (produced by Academics)
14. World Wide (produced by Academics)
15. Kaplan live at Ametist (SR Metropol)
16. Still The Kids (produced by Academics)
17. Still The Kids remix (produced by Phunk2)
18. Outro (produced by Academics)

Mohammed Ali – Hinna Hinna [Remix]

Mohammed Ali - Hinna Hinna

The group Mohammed Ali (formerly known as UKN) which consists of rappers Moms och Alias Ruggig released their album “Processen” a couple of months ago as a free download through the Swedish hip hop community Whoa. The album was their return to the spotlight after their change of name from UKN to Mohammed Ali. Even though a change of name might seem like just a PR-trick, this was clearly not the case with Mohammed Ali as the album featured a more mature sound than previously and it was obvious that they really had put down a lot of effort into their songs. The album was well recieved by the audience as well as the critics and Chepe from The Salazar Brothers even said that “this is the best album I’ve heard in 10 years!”.

The track “Hinna Hinna”, which deals with the more commercial influence in hip hop today, has been climbing the swedish national radio for a couple of months now and recently they released a remix produced by Masse.

The remix was released exclusively from Ametist blog on MTV and can be downloaded from here! If you haven’t already downloaded “Processen” I strongly advise you to do it, because it is one of best releases (so far) of 2009! You can download “Processen” from whoa’s blog. The album “Processen” is part of a trilogy and the second and third installment, “Processen fortsätter” and “Slutprocessen”, are scheduled for release later this year!