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Zacke – Förlorad generation feat. Kihlen

Zacke made a name for himself in 2004 with his EP, “Färdighaft” wich gained him airtime on ZTV, P3 and a show at Hultsfred. The future looked bright and there was roumours about a full lenght album. But all of a sudden it went quiet about him, and no news about the album was to be found.

Until May 2008 when he announced that a album was on it’s way and the first single, “BS”, was released. The second peak from the album came in September when he released the track “Förlorad Generation” as an exclusive Mp3 on the community Whoa. The track was picked up by P3 in December, due to this they decided to shoot a video. The video was shot with stop-motion technique during the end of December and features Kihlen (from Snook) who has produced the track.

The album, entitled Visst är det vackert, is due to be released sometime during February this year!

“Förlorad Generation” can be downloaded from here!

Petter – Min Click ft. Kihlen [Video]

Boomerangfilm AB has done it again. Another great music video, and this time for Petter’s new track “Min Click” feat Kihlen from Snook. This is probably one of the best music videos this year, and I do think Petter resumed it pretty well on his own at his blog some weeks ago:

Det kommer en video nästa vecka och blir den som jag misstänker så har vi en klassiker på G.

Also, check out Peldawg’s remix “Peldawgs Bogart On The Dancefloor Remix” here!

Kihlen going solo


Kihlen, who might be mostly know as a rapper in the group ”Snook” and for the mega-hit “Alla som inte dansar är våldtäktsmän”, is planning on releasing a solo album.  According to an interview with “TT Spektra” he feels that it’s time for him to take some more credit for what he’s done since a lot of people don’t realise that he’s not only a great rapper/writer but also a great producer. For example he was the producer behind “Petter“s hit “Goddamnit”, he has produced most of “Snook”s music and now he’s also written lyrics for “Veronica Maggio“s new album.

Even though nothing is recorded yet he says that the sound of the album will be nothing like the hiphop he does with “Snook” and “Maskinen” and he says that the album will probably feature a lot of song instead of rap. I’m really looking forward to see what the project will end up like, but if you think about what Kihlen has achieved so far the result can’t be anything but great!

 You can read the whole interview (Swedish only) here!