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Interview with Ja’Da


Ja’Da (consisting of Jamal Ryback and Daniel da Costa)  is the latest group to emerge from the very creative Ayla Crew. Last year they released the track “G5″ through Ametist Blog. They have been collaboration for three years, but this was the first time I ever heard a track from them. We decided to do an interview to get some more info about them.

What got you interested in rap?
- We’ve been interested in music since we were kids, Hip-hop became a part of our lives so it felt right to start rapping.

You’ve been collaboration for three years, did you rap before you formed Ja’Da?
- Yes, Jamal was rapping with the group UKN (now Mohammed Ali) and Daniel was part of the group Panetoz. We both lived in the same suburb so we decided joined forces and form Ja’Da.

Maybe I’m just missed it, but before “G5” I had never heard any track from you, why have you waited for so long to release anything?
- We felt that we didn’t want to release anything that didn’t meet our standards so we decided to work creatively and release our music when it felt right.

When reading your blog there’s very much humor in your posts, will that be reflected in your songs?
- Yes, partly. There will be humor on the album, which we’re recording right now, but it will be on a more serious level. Since we’re recording the album right now the blog hasn’t been updated in a while but it will soon be up and running again.

How will you release your album? Will it be released for free like the other records from Ayla?
- Yes, it will be released for free. Internet is the way to go!

What do you think of the status of the Swedish hip-hop scene?
- It’s been getting better these last years and we expect to top it with our upcoming album.

What artist are you currently listening to right now?
- Daniel is listening to Ayla and everything else I think sound good, Jamal is currently listening to Lupe Fiasco’s new mixtape.

What are you currently working on?
- The album, the album, the album and then the next album!

For more information visit their blog!

Stor – Nya Skolans Ledare

Stor - Nya skolans ledare

It’s been two years since Stor released his mix-tape “Dikter ifrån bikten” and since then much has happened. Stor left the group Vendetta to focus on his solo career and has started to work with The Salazar Brothers. He is now also part of the Ayla collective consisting of  Mack Beats, Carlito and  Mohammed Ali. The last release from Ayla was the critically acclaimed mix-tape “Processen” by Mohammed Ali and now the time has finally come for Stor to drop his album, called “Nya Skolans Ledare”.

The first single from the album, “Stockholmsnatt” featuring Adam Tensta and Danjah, was released in November last year and the album was originally scheduled for release in December last year. So a lot of people have been waiting for this (me included) but it was well worth the wait, Stor and Ayla really proves that they are in fact “Leaders of the new school”. The album is produced by The Salazar Brothers, Mack Beats, Masayada and Ears and it features guest appearances from Adam Tensta, Danjah Fille, Jacco, Mohammed Ali, Petter, Promoe,and Sepideh Vaziri.

“Nya skolans ledare” is available for free through Whoa, Playahead, TopStreetWear and MyBestFriendIsMyGrind.

This year is definitely belonging to Ayla and their next release seems to be Mack Beats solo album.


1. Minut för minut (Prod. Masse)
2. Allt vi gjort (ft. DanJah) (Prod. Masse)
3. Aina (ft. Mohammed Ali) (Prod. Salla & Chepe)
4. Terminal 5 (ft. Fille) (Prod. Masse)
5. Gata upp gata ner (ft. Sepideh Vaziri) (Prod. Masse)
6. Den här (ft. Petter) (Prod. Salla)
7. Psykos (Prod. Ears)
8. Lilla shorty (Prod. Masse)
9. Baby problem (ft. Jacco) (Prod. Masayada)
10. Sätt dig ner (ft. Promoe) (Prod. Mack Beats)
11. Stockholmsnatt (ft. Adam Tensta & DanJah) (Prod. Masse)
12. Min freestyle (Prod. Masse)