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Adam Tensta – Ok Wow (Academics Remix)


Att Academics är extremt produktiv råder det knappast någon tvivel om. Förra året släppte han Tare Lugnt 4 som resulterade i en nominering för Årets hiphop i Manifestgalan. Och Trainspotters släppte sin debutskiva Dirty North där Academics låg bakom alla produktionerna som gav en P3 Guld-nominering. Med andra ord, ett ganska lyckat år för den relativt unga producenten som även sjunger och rappar när tillfälle ges.

Igår släppte Adam Tensta en Fucked Up Discohouse Remix av sin singel Ok Wow signerad Academics. Här visar Academics upp sitt breda register då ljudbilden är en helt annan än vad man är van vid att höra.

Låten går att lyssna och ladda hem via Random Bastards Soundcloud.

Adam Tensta – Like a Punk (Video)

Första singeln var Ok Wow och nu är det dags för Adam Tenstas andra singel Like a Punk från kommande albumet Scared of the Dark att släppas. Och som vanligt när det gäller musikvideos signerade Adam Tensta så är det Marcus Lundin som ligger bakom produktionen.

Singeln finns även tillgänglig via Spotify och iTunes.

MBFIMG Challenge #3 – Follow Me

Pato Pooh - Follow Me ft. Adam Tensta (Bum Bill Remix)

Pato Pooh’s new video “Follow Me ft. Adam Tensta” as we wrote about in the last post already has +20 000 views at YouTube. In other words, it is not only we at TSD that digs Pato’s new joint.

Top Streetwear, MBFIMG and Deh Din Poik has put up a remix-challenge for the single, one for rappers and one for producers. The challenge goes on for 48hours and it’s all about most views at YouTube and points from a jury. You can read the entire rules over at MBFIMG.com

I haven’t checked out all the remixes yet, + 110 contributions but I have to give some shine to one of the contesters. The producer Bum Bill Beats, who used to be a part of the duo “Pikturez & Bum Bill“, has put together a really dope remix. If you like the remix you should also check out their old mixtape “Urbanized Konfusion“! Peep the remix below.

Go check out all remixes at www.mybestfriendismygrind.com and spread the ones you like. Remember, views matters!

Pato Pooh – Follow Me ft Adam Tensta


Last night Pato Pooh had the releaseparty for his banging new single and musicvideo “Follow Me” (at Berns) which is featured by no other than Adam Tensta. And today the video has it’s premiere over att Aftonbladet.se!

“Follow Me” is  produced by Jeff “Gameboii” Roman (DDP) and the video is directed by Mace Frost and his team which gives you that smashing old classic video game vibe. It’s released through DehDinPoik Entertainment and RMH Entertainment.

” I keep telling em that I’mma bringin’ it back – back to the future “

Edit: The video is now available at YouTube as well, so we embedded it in this post – but it’s still available at Aftonbladet.

Stor – Nya Skolans Ledare

Stor - Nya skolans ledare

It’s been two years since Stor released his mix-tape “Dikter ifrån bikten” and since then much has happened. Stor left the group Vendetta to focus on his solo career and has started to work with The Salazar Brothers. He is now also part of the Ayla collective consisting of  Mack Beats, Carlito and  Mohammed Ali. The last release from Ayla was the critically acclaimed mix-tape “Processen” by Mohammed Ali and now the time has finally come for Stor to drop his album, called “Nya Skolans Ledare”.

The first single from the album, “Stockholmsnatt” featuring Adam Tensta and Danjah, was released in November last year and the album was originally scheduled for release in December last year. So a lot of people have been waiting for this (me included) but it was well worth the wait, Stor and Ayla really proves that they are in fact “Leaders of the new school”. The album is produced by The Salazar Brothers, Mack Beats, Masayada and Ears and it features guest appearances from Adam Tensta, Danjah Fille, Jacco, Mohammed Ali, Petter, Promoe,and Sepideh Vaziri.

“Nya skolans ledare” is available for free through Whoa, Playahead, TopStreetWear and MyBestFriendIsMyGrind.

This year is definitely belonging to Ayla and their next release seems to be Mack Beats solo album.


1. Minut för minut (Prod. Masse)
2. Allt vi gjort (ft. DanJah) (Prod. Masse)
3. Aina (ft. Mohammed Ali) (Prod. Salla & Chepe)
4. Terminal 5 (ft. Fille) (Prod. Masse)
5. Gata upp gata ner (ft. Sepideh Vaziri) (Prod. Masse)
6. Den här (ft. Petter) (Prod. Salla)
7. Psykos (Prod. Ears)
8. Lilla shorty (Prod. Masse)
9. Baby problem (ft. Jacco) (Prod. Masayada)
10. Sätt dig ner (ft. Promoe) (Prod. Mack Beats)
11. Stockholmsnatt (ft. Adam Tensta & DanJah) (Prod. Masse)
12. Min freestyle (Prod. Masse)

Lazee – First Class Five Stars

Lazee 1st Class 5 Stars

A couple of days ago Lazee released his mixtape “First Class Five Stars” exclusively through Kingsize Magazine. In comparison to his debut this mixtape is a step back towards a more hip-hop oriented sound and it feels like he has put more work into this mixtape than, “Back for the 1st time”. With that being said I still don’t think that this mixtape even comes close to matching his first mixtape “It Is What It Is”, the main reason why I’m writing this is because the mixtape contains the remix to Kano‘s track “Hustler” which also features Adam Tensta.


01. Intro
02. Dreamin’
03. I’m The Truth
04. Pusherman ft. J-Son
05. Love No More
06. Hustler (Remix) feat. Kano & Adam Tensta
07. Old School Find A Way (Freestyle)
08. Clap,  Stomp ’08
09. Getting Gwap ft. Tyron Catre
10. I’m A Boss ft. Fresh
11. Europe’s Best ft. Skrilla Kidz
12. I Guess That’s Life
13. Train Of Thoughts (Freestyle)
14. Ex Girl

You can download the mixtape from here!

RMH Ent – Min Click Remix

RMH Entertainment, which in other words are Adam Tensta, Eboi and Dj Rooftop, have done a smashing remix on Petter’s song “Min Click“. The song is originally produced by Kihlen from Snook. I do prefer the original track, but hey – it’s a great remix and always like to here what other artists can do with another great artists track. According to Dj Sleepy’s blog there will be more remixes later on and I can’t wait.

Download “Min Click RMH Remix” here!

Stor – Stockholmsnatt feat. Danjah & Adam Tensta [Video]

Despite his age 21-year old rapper “Stor” has been a part of the Swedish rap-scene for around 10 years now (I remember listening to him and “Liten” when I was 14) and even though he hasn’t released any full lenght album he has still gained a reputation as one of Swedens illest rappers. He is probably most known for being a part of the group Vendetta who won “Show Stockholm” in 2004 (whatever happened to Vendetta by the way?) but has now started to focus on his solo career.

Backed by The Salazar brothers and RMH‘s new project “My Best Friend Is My Grind” he is no getting ready to release a sequel to his brilliant mixtape, “Dikter ifrån bikten“. The First track out from this mixtape is “Stockholmsnatt” which features guest appearances from Adam Tensta and Danjah and is produced by Masse. The mixtape which will have the same name as the first single is due to be released somtime during this autumn/vinter!

Update: The track is now avalible for download at The Soul Lounge!

DLX Tv – Episode One [Video]

DLX Entertainment has just released the first episode for their own web tv “DLX Tv”. Interviews with Form One and Astma about their upcoming album “Behind Blue Eyes” and shout outs from a bunch of swedish rappers; Adam Tensta, Million Stylez, Daniel Adams-Ray (Snook), Maskinen, Promoe and Embee from Looptroop Rockers, Allyawan, Ken Ring and Paragon.

Watch the first episode here

And for some reason we did not write about the mixtape “A New Season (the prequel mixtape)” which was released a week ago.

Download it here

Adam Tensta – Dopeboy ft. Eboi [Video]

Adam Tensta releases his fourth video – Dopeboy ft. Eboi – today. Tensta, who has opened for Rihanna, Busta Rhymes and Jay Z, has conquered the Scandinavian music scene, rapping in English. Even thou Adam Tensta might not be my cup of tea I have to take my cap off and congratulate for the success. Dopeboy is the latest single from his award winning album “It’s A Tensta Thing” and his wingman Eboi features it. Eboi really shines at this one, and I hope RMH Entertainment will back him up soon exactly like they did with Tensta. But I’m sure they will as soon Adam Tensta’s tour is over.

The same team as before stands behind the production of this gallant video.

Direction: Marcus Lundin
Art Direction/Artwork: Albin Holmqvist
Postproduction: Mats Skoglund & Dennis Nenov