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Prop Dylan – Shock and Amaze

Förra året tillkännagavs det att Prop Dylan skulle samarbeta med DJ Premier och sedan dess har hypen kring denna låt varit enorm, det skrevs i både tidningar och på bloggar.

Det var nästan ett år sen, men nu är låten med tillhörande video äntligen släppt!

Prop Dylan håller just nu på att jobba med sitt tredje album som släpps senare i år.

Rico Won – Ricks Caliber


Rico Won är tillbaka! Efter att ha släppt två Ep’s (“Works of  Wonder” och “Takin’ Over”), fullängdaren “Accept What You Can’t Change”  samt ett stort antal gästinhopp på olika album och mixtapes bestämde sig Rico Won för att ta en paus från musiken.

Efter att ha varit borta från musiken i nästan 3 år började inspirationen och lusten för musikskapande och skrivandet att komma tillbaka. Resultatet blev den 17 spår långa skivan “Ricks Caliber” .

“Det fanns en känsla av att svenska rappare figurerade i stora sammanhang utan att nå upp till den där riktiga kalibern. Det fanns ett sug efter den gamla, hårda, originella ljudbild som jag alltid tyckt så mycket om själv. Den nya skivan har skapats ur stunden, helt spontant och utan några förväntningar, press, tidsramar, regler eller begränsningar. Det var min revansch på mig själv. Att få känna att det var roligt att göra musik igen, utan massa krav.”

Skivan är inspelad under april-oktober i år och innehåller gästinhopp från Obnoxiuz, Roffe Ruff, Organismen, PST/Q, Prop Dylan, Promoe, Alyawan mfl.


01. Intro
02. Rick Is In The House
03. Keep On Pushin’
04. Rick Rock Feat. OBX – [*Produced by: Hard2Handle]
05. (Jake) Won
06. Family Business
07. Majorna (Interlude)
08. Majcrophone Feat. Promoe – [*Produced by: Hofmästarn]
09. Keep Doin’ It Feat. OBX
10. Squeeky Wheel
11. Letter To Rick
12. Fatmilk Reminisce (Interlude)
13. 1, 2, 3, 4 Feat. Roffe Ruff, Prop Dylan & Organismen
14. How You Wan It Feat. Allyawan
15. Stay Feat. True of Serengeti
16. Taurus
17. Lite Som En Jätte Feat. PST/Q (Sv. Bonus Track)

Ricks Caliber finns att ladda hem här!

Kaanquest – The Anthem (Remix)

Earlier this year Kaanquest released “The Anthem” which was the first single from his upcoming album. “The Anthem” featured ADL and was chosen as “Mp3 of the week” on the Community/Blog Whoa. Now Kaanquest is back with a remix to “The Anthem” and this time he’s brought together some of Swedens hottest rappers. The remix features appearances from Pato Pooh, Finess, Trainspotters, Academics, X-Man, Prop Dylan, Iron African, Kodie, Parham, Mohammed Ali, Supersci, Mojizzle, Cleo, Toffer, Hermanos Bernal & ADL.

The remix is based on the form of a cypher and each rapper contributes with their own style.  The track is produced by Haidar and Chefen is behind all the cuts.

Click here to download “The Anthem (remix)”

Promoe – Shoot Me

Promoe - Shoot Me

Promoe released a new track a couple of days ago at Looptroop Rockers website. It’s produced by a norwegian producer called Jason Dean Beats. I haven’t heard anything from Jason Dean before but according his MySpace he has recently worked with Prop Dylan and Big Shug (!) which sounds really promising. The cuts is made by another Oslo based producer/dj – Dj Final.

I’m not that fund over the lyrics, feels kinda like a cliché BUT I do like the sad story in contrary to the happy beat with the laidback cuts. And hey, Promoe delivers over Jason Deans playful beat. It’s a well produced track definitely deserved to be downloaded which you can do here below:

Download “Promoe – Shoot Me” in mp3

Trainspotters – The grip tape

Trainspotters - The Griptape (Cover)

The group Trainspotters, consisting of George Kaplan and Rewind, has made quite a reputation for themselves through gigs in cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki, as well as major festivals. Even though music distribution today is mainly handled digitally the group has still managed to sell over 5000 12″ vinyls as well as DVDs, CDs and cassettes through stores in cities such as Berlin, Boston, London and Tokyo.

A couple of days ago they released a new mixtape called “The Grip Tape”. The mixtape is a tribute to skateboarding and is put together by Chefen and presented by Random Bastards. The mixtape contains 18 tracks with features from artists such as Academics, Allyawan, Mr. Noun(Supersci), Mofeta,Kashal-Tee and Prop Dylan.

Click here to download “The Grip Tape” in a zip file (192 Kbps)

This free download is made possible by Transition Magazine, Method.TV, Stale and New Era Fits.


1. Intro (produced by Chefen)
2. Ain’t My Style feat. Prop Dylan (produced by Academics)
3. Take A Hit feat. Palabras & Leelo (produced by Tom 12″)
4. Laid Back (produced by Academics)
5. Growin Up (produced by Flinta)
6. Growin Up remix (produced by Academics)
7. Bullshit Rap feat. Allyawan, Mr Noun (Supersci), Sci-Fi, Kashal-Tee, Prop Dylan & Mufakka (produced by Hands Funky 5ingers)
8. Skitsnack Rap feat. Mickelito, Marke, Gimpladesh, Academics, Mofeta, Queff & Toffer (produced by Hands Funky 5ingers)
9. I Tid feat. Bobbo, Marke, Max & Niklas
10. Don’t You Know feat. JXP (produced by Academics)
11. That’s How (produced by Academics)
12. Boards & Beats feat. Mr Noun (Supersci) King Chris & Vernon (produced by Chefen)
13. City Streets feat. Incks & Chiara Bombieri-Morales (produced by Academics)
14. World Wide (produced by Academics)
15. Kaplan live at Ametist (SR Metropol)
16. Still The Kids (produced by Academics)
17. Still The Kids remix (produced by Phunk2)
18. Outro (produced by Academics)

Merry Christmas!


It’s been a while since we updated The Salad days and it’s probably going to be a little while until we can start to update it frequently again. The reason for this is because “Niklas”, who I run this blog with, is currently in the middle of moving and I’ve been stuck at work so I haven’t had time or energy to update. After the Holidays I hopefully won’t be stuck at work as much as I’ve been lately and Niklas will be seteled in so that we can start with the frequent updating again.

Since our last post much has happened. I’ve started to write and update Chords homepage (which was once a fan-page that I started when i was 15-16) and I recently joined the hiphop-comunity Whoa’s blog as a writer, which I feel very honored about I just hope that I’ll be able to reach up to the high standards that the writers today manage to keep. Right now I’ve only written the second comment on the review of “Petter – X” but hopefully you’ll see more of me there in the future.

But this blog isn’t supposed to be about me, then nobody would read it. It’s about Swedish hiphop and since our last post so much has happened on the Swedish hiphop-scene that it’s impossible for me to even be able to sum it up! So I’ll just try to give you some of the highlights.


Allyawan (who we’ve written about earlier) has finally released his mixtape “Blu Duk Tales Vol.2″ and it’s smoking! The mixtape is released as a free download on whoa!

Gott & Blandat #2 Cover

Recently Swedish producer Masse released his mixtape Gott & Blandat #2 which features some of Swedens greatest MCs right now and Masse really proves why he’s considered one of Swedens best producers. The mixtape is avalible for free through Whoa and as if that wasn’t enough he is, in collaboration with whoa, giving you an early christmas present in the form of Gott & Blandat #1. This mixtape was released in 2001 and this is the first time it’s avalible in digital form.


But Masse and Whoa aren’t the only ones giving away early christmas presents! DJ/Blogger/Hip-Hop connaisseur DJ Sleepy is giving away a special Petter X-mas mixtape. The mixtape contains freestyles, rare tracks, remixes, blends and some tracks that didn’t make it to his last full lenght album, “Goddamnit”.


Another early Christmas present comes from Prop Dylan and producer Logophobia in the form of  The Morning After EP”. The EP is released through Kingsize Magazine and Prop Dylan keeps showing why he is one of the most promising MC’s right now! He also recently released a video to the track “Top of the top” which features guest appearances from Promoe and Caribinghi

While I’m on the subject of videos I thought I just post one last thing that’s happened since our last post. The group Movits! who released their debut album “Äppelknyckarjazz” earlier this year (I feel a bit embarassed that I haven’t written about them earlier)  just released the video to their third single called “Fel del av gården” and I really dig their jazzy-organic sound! The video is directed by Axel Söderlund

Well I think that’s all I can manage to write in one post, hopefully you didn’t fall asleep while reading it. TSD will take a break (yeah I know we haven’t updated the site anyways, but now it’s officially a break) but we will return after the holidays. We have some ideas that we’ll hopefully realise in 2009 and we’re working on a project together with the very secret blogger Majestic Flow which will hopefully be finished during the first quarter of 2009!

Until then TSD wishes you a Merry christmas and a Happy New year!