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Aki etta på svenska singellistan & Spotify

Den här bloggen är mer eller mindre död men när jag kollade på den svenska singellistan kunde jag inte låta bli att skriva. För andra veckan i rad ligger AKI (m. Kapten Röd) etta på svenska singellistan samt första gången som etta på Spotify! Singeln, som var sista släppte ut i Redline’s “Röd November”, sålde dessutom guld (20 000 sålda ex) i början av januari.

Senaste gången en svensk hiphopsingel låg etta på singellistan var i maj 2009 då Promoe låg etta med “Svennebanan”. Förhoppningsvis är detta ett tecken på att svensk hip hop är på väg upp igen och 2013 kan nog bli ett riktigt bra år för svensk hiphop.

Vi har redan fått släpp från bl.a Som Fan. Petter, Academics/Alexander Juneblad samt Trainspotters



Petter inks a record deal with Pope Records and releases a new single


Petter, who’s been without a record deal since last year when he chose not to renew his deal with Universal Music recently signed a deal with Pope Records. Pope Records will release his upcoming album “En Räddare I Nöden” which will be released sometime this spring. Pope Records are excited about the deal and says that:

“Petter has recorded his strongest and best material yet, and this phase two of his career is going to be something extra!”

The first single from the album is called “Fast För Evigt” and is produced by Collén & Webb who’s also going to produce the whole album. “Fast För Evigt” is available for listening on Petters Blog and will be available through Spotify Premium from Monday and trough iTunes Music Store, Spotify Free and other digital music stores from Wednesday.

Click here to go to Petters Blog and listen to “Fast För Evigt”.

Video and Mixtape from Promoe

Promoe Bondfangeri

Earlier this year Promoe released “Kråksången” which was his first album in Swedish and even if you haven’t hear the whole album I’m guessing you’ve heard the hit single Svennebanan. It seems that he enjoyed rapping in Swedish and the recently released mixtape “Bondfångeri”is completely in Swedish (apart from a track by “Per Vers” which is in Danish). The mixtape is available in digital form through iTunes Store, Spotify or for free from Looptroop Rockers homepageand the CD will only be sold at shows. “Bondfångeri” features guest appearances from Allyawan, Afasi, Cosmic, Embee(Yes you read right!), Organismen, Per Vers, Sam-e, Supreme and Timbuktu. The amazing artwork (which continues in the same line as “Kråksången”) is designed byInk Graphix.

Click here to download “Bondfågeri”

On top of this the video to the second single from “Kråksången”, called “Mammas Gata”was released 2 days ago. The video (and track) features guest appearances from Andreas Grega, Supreme and Timbuktu. The video is directed by kamisol

New videos from Lazee feat. J-son and Petter

Yesterday Lazee released a video to the track “Pusherman”, taken from his free mixtape “First Class Five Stars”. The track features J-son who will be releasing his third single “My Window” in just a couple of days. The video is directed by Maceo Frost & Oliver Martin Henriquez.

The full video to Petters track “Slag under bältet” (which we wrote about a couple of days ago) is now out and the track is avaliable on iTunes and Spotify. The track is produced by Collén & Webb and the video is directed by Oskar Ljungholm and shot by Niklas Johansson.

Petter – Slag under bältet

Since the release of his greatest hits compilation “X”, Petter has been working on some new material and  a couple of weeks ago he wrote about the video-shoot for his upcoming single “Slag under bältet” on his blog . Petter says this about the track himself:

“This is how I want my Hip Hop and Petter to sound from 2009 and forward. Collén and Webb made a great beat that contained that classic old-school vibe that I’ve been missing and searching for”

The official release for the video and track is on Monday but in collaboration with Comviq, Petter is giving you the video and track as a free download today!This offer only lasts until 12.00 on Monday so you have to be quick if you want to get it for free, the only thing you have to do is to type in your phone number and you’ll receive a download link (personally I think I’ll have to wait until monday since my iPhone probably won’t allow me to download it). Petter will also be a guest on Filip & Fredriks  Söndagsparty this sunday and will perform it live on the show.

The track is produced by Collén & Webb and the video is directed by Oskar Ljungholm and shot by Niklas Johansson. If you by any chance (like me) go an iPhone the track will be aviliable on iTunes Store and Spotify from moday!

Click here to go to Comviq’s homepage to download the track and watch the video!