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Ken Ring – Änglabarn (Video)

Ken Ring, who recently moved to Kenya, has released a new video to the track “Änglabarn” from his album “Hip Hop”

The track is produced by PabloPaz for DehDinPoik and the video is filmed by Natanael Goldman and edited by Kamisol.

Ken is training a soccer team in Kenya called K.R.A.C.K United and if you’re interested in helping them out financially or by sending soccer gear you can find more info on his blog.

Video and Mixtape from Promoe

Promoe Bondfangeri

Earlier this year Promoe released “Kråksången” which was his first album in Swedish and even if you haven’t hear the whole album I’m guessing you’ve heard the hit single Svennebanan. It seems that he enjoyed rapping in Swedish and the recently released mixtape “Bondfångeri”is completely in Swedish (apart from a track by “Per Vers” which is in Danish). The mixtape is available in digital form through iTunes Store, Spotify or for free from Looptroop Rockers homepageand the CD will only be sold at shows. “Bondfångeri” features guest appearances from Allyawan, Afasi, Cosmic, Embee(Yes you read right!), Organismen, Per Vers, Sam-e, Supreme and Timbuktu. The amazing artwork (which continues in the same line as “Kråksången”) is designed byInk Graphix.

Click here to download “Bondfågeri”

On top of this the video to the second single from “Kråksången”, called “Mammas Gata”was released 2 days ago. The video (and track) features guest appearances from Andreas Grega, Supreme and Timbuktu. The video is directed by kamisol

Promoe – Svennebanan

The release of Promoe’s album “Kråksången” is getting closer and now the video to his first single “Svennebanan” is finally out! POPE Records described it on their blog as “the sickest, funniest and also dopest video Promoe ever made. /…/ You’re not ready!” and I have to agree. The video is directed by Kamisol and the track is produced by Filthy. The track will be avaliable through iTunes and other digital stores later this week.

“Krångsången” will be out on JuJu Records on April 29, you can pre-order the album here!

Update: Click here to download the lyrics to svennebanan (ripped from the Looptroop Rockers guestbook, unfortunately I didn’t find any way to directly link a single post from their guestbook)

Afasi & Filthy – Jobb [Video]

The video to the second single (which we wrote about earlier) from Afasi & Filthys debutalbum, “Fläcken”, is out now! The video is directed by Erik Berggren for Kamisol

“Fläcken” is out now on P.O.P.E Records and if you haven’t already you should buy it ASAP. In my humble opinion it’s one of the best albums released this year!