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Lazee – 1st Class 5 Stars (Season 2)

We’ve written plenty about Lazee in the past and by now he shouldn’t need any introduction. The first “First Class Five Stars” mixtape was released earlier this year and featured guests such as Adam Tensta, Kano, J-Son & Skrilla Kidz. Now it’s time for the second installment in the series, “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″. Even though I liked the first installment I still felt it weren’t near the brilliance of his first tape “It Is What It Is” but I was glad that it wasn’t as (in my opinion) commercial as the debut album “Setting Standards”. On “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″ Lazee has upped his game and he says on his blog that:

“this mixtape is not only a mixtape its a mixtape album and the difference between those two is that I put a lot of work, organizing and planning for this tape…”

Something which, from what I’ve heard from the tape so far, I believe. This mixtape definitely outshines “First Class Five Stars” and it really sounds like he’s put in a lot of work into this!

Click here to download “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″


  1. Intro
  2. Better than the best
  3. Baby ft. Mawuli (prod. Tinitus)
  4. Dont Stop (prod. Collén o Webb)
  5. Get Right ft. Beldina (prod. Saska)
  6. Used To Be ft. Mawuli (prod. A-De)
  7. Set It Off ft. Eboi (prod .Keione)
  8. My Thang ft. Pato Pooh & Beldina (prod. Gameboii)
  9. Keep It Real (prod. Tinitus)
  10. Fantabolous Life Continues (prod .Charlie)
  11. Movin’ On Up ft. Json (prod. A-De)
  12. Walking Away ft. Danjah (prod. A-De)
  13. Hello (prod. Tinitus)
  14. Man in the Mirrow ft. Mawuli
  15. You Get Yours Get Mine ft. Aycash o Santiago *Bonus (prod. Gameboii)
  16. Mind Games *Bonus (prod. Charlie)
  17. Custom Made*Bonus (prod. Charlie)

New videos from Lazee feat. J-son and Petter

Yesterday Lazee released a video to the track “Pusherman”, taken from his free mixtape “First Class Five Stars”. The track features J-son who will be releasing his third single “My Window” in just a couple of days. The video is directed by Maceo Frost & Oliver Martin Henriquez.

The full video to Petters track “Slag under bältet” (which we wrote about a couple of days ago) is now out and the track is avaliable on iTunes and Spotify. The track is produced by Collén & Webb and the video is directed by Oskar Ljungholm and shot by Niklas Johansson.

Lazee – First Class Five Stars

Lazee 1st Class 5 Stars

A couple of days ago Lazee released his mixtape “First Class Five Stars” exclusively through Kingsize Magazine. In comparison to his debut this mixtape is a step back towards a more hip-hop oriented sound and it feels like he has put more work into this mixtape than, “Back for the 1st time”. With that being said I still don’t think that this mixtape even comes close to matching his first mixtape “It Is What It Is”, the main reason why I’m writing this is because the mixtape contains the remix to Kano‘s track “Hustler” which also features Adam Tensta.


01. Intro
02. Dreamin’
03. I’m The Truth
04. Pusherman ft. J-Son
05. Love No More
06. Hustler (Remix) feat. Kano & Adam Tensta
07. Old School Find A Way (Freestyle)
08. Clap,  Stomp ’08
09. Getting Gwap ft. Tyron Catre
10. I’m A Boss ft. Fresh
11. Europe’s Best ft. Skrilla Kidz
12. I Guess That’s Life
13. Train Of Thoughts (Freestyle)
14. Ex Girl

You can download the mixtape from here!

Lazee – King of Europe

Lazee gives away a new track at Kingsize from his upcoming record “Setting Standards” which will be released the 27th of September this year. I guess you folks allready know that Ishi and Sebastian Ingrosso are the producers behind the record and the guests are Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Loon, Salem Al Fakir, Million Stylez, Neverstore (don’t ask me why Neverstore is on that record..).

I don’t like the new Lazee, thought the Lazee behind the mixtape “It Is What It Is” was way more interesting, but hey – artists develops and sometimes in a direction that maybe won’t catch in particular your own eyes and ears.

Anyway, the track is kocky called “King of Europe” and you can download it previously mentioned at KingsizeMagazine.se. Catch more tracks and videos from Lazee over at sonybmg.se/lazee

Kano – Hustler (Behind The Scenes)

At the age of 23 UK MC Kanohas already established himself as one of UK’s top MC’s and he has managed to release 4 mix-tapes and 2 albums. Now he’s getting ready to release his 3rd full lenght album, entitled “140 Grime street” which is scheduled to be released on the 29th of September.

The first single is called “Hustler” and features guest appearances from Adam Tensta and Lazee! (Did you think that I’d forgotten that this is a blog about Swedish hiphop!?) The video and single is not out yet but “Holy Moly” visited the set and did a short interview with Kano (in the video clip you can also catch a short glimpse of Lazee and Adam Tensta).

I’m really looking forward to hearing the full song, I’m especially glad that Lazee is hooking up with a UK artist again and hopefully he’ll get that grime-sound that got me listening to him. No release date for the single has yet been revealed (as far as I know) so for now you have to settle with this snippet.


Check out the 140 Grime Street blog for the latest updates!

[Update 2008-08-15]

It seems that Adam Tensta and Lazee will only be featured on a Swedish Remix and not the official single, this is of course still exciting but nowhere near as exciting as i first thought.

Lazee – Back for the 1st time [Mixtape]

Lazee - Back for the 1st time

Lazee is probably most known to the masses through his hit “Rock Away” which was released a couple of months ago. But before this he was already known in the swedish underground through numerous tracks and a mixtape hosted by “Dj Kay Slay“.

Now he’s back with a new mixtape called “Back for the 1st time” which is hosted by “Dj Preview“. The mixtape is released for free through Kingsize and from what I’ve heard so far it sounds really promising. Personally I’m really excited to see that he’s collaborating with skrilla kidz again!

Klick here to download “Back for the 1st time”



Looptroop – Prayin On A Liver [Video]

Looptroop’s new album “Good Things” is now available in all great stores across the globe (HHV.de, iTunes etc). I am not going to talk more about it because you all out there ready know how god damn good that record is.. Anyway, a remix of Looptroop’s cover of Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” has been released at their website. It’s called “Prayin On A Liver” and features some of Sweden’s hottest rappers at this moment as we speak: Allyawan, Adam Tensta and Lazee!

You can also download it as a mp3 here (righ click, save as)!

Maskinen -Be Quiet feat. ADL, Timbuktu & Lazee

“Put your hands down, you ain’t ready for the riot!” 


I read about this track a while ago, but the article just said that they’re going to make a remix and not when they would release it. I still don’t know if it’s officially released but i found this on the internet so i though why not put it up. The original is dope but the remix is smoking! Everyone does a great job and ADL shows why he’s still one of swedens greatest MC’s and it was a long time i heard Timbuktu rap like this in english!

Klick here to download “Be Quiet”

 Update 2008-03-25: According to P.O.P.E records this version is in fact an unfinished version that has leaked, it’s not mastered and the mixing is incomplete. Since this track already been widely spread I’m going to keep it on the site but you should be aware that this do not represent how the finished version will sound. Hopefully the real version will be released soon!