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The nominees to Grammis 2010

Grammis 2010

The final nominees for the Swedish Grammis Award 2010 was revealed earlier today. After the jurys first nomination and a public voting round the final nominees in the category “Club/Hip-Hop” are

Andreas Tilliander - Show
J-SonNever Half Stepping
Lorentz & M.SakariasVi mot världen
Maskinen - Boys II Men
Promoe - Kråksången

Lazee – 1st Class 5 Stars (Season 2)

We’ve written plenty about Lazee in the past and by now he shouldn’t need any introduction. The first “First Class Five Stars” mixtape was released earlier this year and featured guests such as Adam Tensta, Kano, J-Son & Skrilla Kidz. Now it’s time for the second installment in the series, “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″. Even though I liked the first installment I still felt it weren’t near the brilliance of his first tape “It Is What It Is” but I was glad that it wasn’t as (in my opinion) commercial as the debut album “Setting Standards”. On “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″ Lazee has upped his game and he says on his blog that:

“this mixtape is not only a mixtape its a mixtape album and the difference between those two is that I put a lot of work, organizing and planning for this tape…”

Something which, from what I’ve heard from the tape so far, I believe. This mixtape definitely outshines “First Class Five Stars” and it really sounds like he’s put in a lot of work into this!

Click here to download “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″


  1. Intro
  2. Better than the best
  3. Baby ft. Mawuli (prod. Tinitus)
  4. Dont Stop (prod. Collén o Webb)
  5. Get Right ft. Beldina (prod. Saska)
  6. Used To Be ft. Mawuli (prod. A-De)
  7. Set It Off ft. Eboi (prod .Keione)
  8. My Thang ft. Pato Pooh & Beldina (prod. Gameboii)
  9. Keep It Real (prod. Tinitus)
  10. Fantabolous Life Continues (prod .Charlie)
  11. Movin’ On Up ft. Json (prod. A-De)
  12. Walking Away ft. Danjah (prod. A-De)
  13. Hello (prod. Tinitus)
  14. Man in the Mirrow ft. Mawuli
  15. You Get Yours Get Mine ft. Aycash o Santiago *Bonus (prod. Gameboii)
  16. Mind Games *Bonus (prod. Charlie)
  17. Custom Made*Bonus (prod. Charlie)

J-Son – Never Half Stepping (Album trailer)

It’s been almost a year since J-Son released the track “Lookie Lookie” and announced his debut album “Never Half Stepping” and next week  it’s finally time for the release! On the album, which is a dedication to his mother,  J-son will tell us his story about the journey from the streets in Brasil to the life he lives today as an artist in Sweden. It will feature artists such as Masayah, Million Stylez and GTICY and includes production from Saska Becker, K-One, Jason Gill, Addeboy vs Cliff and Filthy.

He recently released a trailer for the album and even though I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the trailer I have to admit that it definitely got me interested in the album. The trailer is directed by Tobias Nordquist from Ragtime-Film and the album will be released through Same Blood ent. and distributed by Sony Music.

Listen to “Story of The Brave” featuring. Masayah and produced by Saska:





1. Intro – My Poetry (Produced by: AD)
2. Exercise ft Johan Vega (Produced by: AD)
3. Enviroment ft Gticy (Produced by: Saska Becker)
4. Pretty Boy (Produced by: K-One)
5. Ballin ft Teddy Sky (Produced by: Teddy Sky)
6. Oh Lord ft Million Stylez (Produced by: Teddy Sky)
7. Lookie Lookie (Produced by: Teddy Sky)
8. Super Sexy (Produced by: K-One)
9. Sorry (Produced by: Filthy)
10. Never Half Stepping ft Teddy Sky (Produced by: Wayne Beckford)
11. Born And Raised (Produced by: Step)
12. Top Of The World (Produced by: Saska Becker)
13. Story Of The Brave ft Masahay (Produced by: Saska Becker)
14. My Window ft Yaiya (Produced by: Addeboy vs Cliff)
15. Head In The Sky (Produced by: Jason Gill)
16. Hallowman (Produced by: AD)
17. Change (Produced by: Jason Gill)

J-son – Head In The Sky (Trailer)

J-Son released a trailer for his yet unreleased single “Head In The Sky” last night. It’s the forth and last single and will be released the 14th of October before the record “Never Half Steppin” drops via Same Blood Entertainment and EMI Music Publishing.

J-Son had a busy summer after releasing his first single “Lookie Lookie” which lead to various performances at festivales around Sweden and heavy radio rotation. He also opened for artists such as Joe Budden, Musiq Soulchild and Lady Gaga.

Personally I am split about J-Son, but still curious about the album. I guess I got high expectations on it and crossing my fingers that he won’t go and do like Lazee did after his epic mixtape “It Is What It Is (host Dj Kayslay) – drop a boring record (Setting Standard) that is.

J-Son – My Window

J-Son made a name for himself last year when he released the track “Lookie Lookie” , soon followed by “Pretty Boy” which showed that he was definitely an artist to pay attention to. Recently he has been laying some hooks and verses on tracks by 50 cent, Jennifer Brown and the latest track he appeared on, “Loser” by Yo_Dah & Tommy Lee, featured appearances by Lil Wayne, Spark Dawg, Tyga, Joell Ortiz, Smitty & Sum 41. On top of this he and producer Baby Supreme form the production team No Braggy Boyz which recently did a song for the Japanese pop group W-inds.

After all of these guest appearances it’s now finally time for J-son to release a solo track from his upcoming album “Never Half Stepping” which is due in fall. “My Window” is produced by Addeboy vs Cliff and with back vocals by Yaiya. “My Window” features a very different sound from the two earlier singles and it really showes that he want’s to continue to grow as an artist. He says this about the sound on “My Window”:

“I never want to stop shocking people and I will keep switching it up, because I don’t just see me as a rap artist, I want to get as much as possible out of music, and music is so much more than just rap.”

“My Window” is avaliable through Same Blood Entertainment’s shop.

New videos from Lazee feat. J-son and Petter

Yesterday Lazee released a video to the track “Pusherman”, taken from his free mixtape “First Class Five Stars”. The track features J-son who will be releasing his third single “My Window” in just a couple of days. The video is directed by Maceo Frost & Oliver Martin Henriquez.

The full video to Petters track “Slag under bältet” (which we wrote about a couple of days ago) is now out and the track is avaliable on iTunes and Spotify. The track is produced by Collén & Webb and the video is directed by Oskar Ljungholm and shot by Niklas Johansson.

Lazee – First Class Five Stars

Lazee 1st Class 5 Stars

A couple of days ago Lazee released his mixtape “First Class Five Stars” exclusively through Kingsize Magazine. In comparison to his debut this mixtape is a step back towards a more hip-hop oriented sound and it feels like he has put more work into this mixtape than, “Back for the 1st time”. With that being said I still don’t think that this mixtape even comes close to matching his first mixtape “It Is What It Is”, the main reason why I’m writing this is because the mixtape contains the remix to Kano‘s track “Hustler” which also features Adam Tensta.


01. Intro
02. Dreamin’
03. I’m The Truth
04. Pusherman ft. J-Son
05. Love No More
06. Hustler (Remix) feat. Kano & Adam Tensta
07. Old School Find A Way (Freestyle)
08. Clap,  Stomp ’08
09. Getting Gwap ft. Tyron Catre
10. I’m A Boss ft. Fresh
11. Europe’s Best ft. Skrilla Kidz
12. I Guess That’s Life
13. Train Of Thoughts (Freestyle)
14. Ex Girl

You can download the mixtape from here!