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Medina – Varsågod de e gratis vol. 3


After thethe success with “Varsågod de e gratis vol.1″ and vol.2 Medina, which consists of rappers Alibi and Sam-E, is releasing a third installment in the mixtape series. This mixtape, just like the previous ones and as the name suggests, is released as a free download. The mixtape consists of 17-tracks that span between everything from house, rap and ragga. As usual Medina’s music is a mix between different genres but this time they have chosen to leave the oriental sound out.

New for this installment is also that Medina has decided to work with other producers instead of producing everything themselves. “Varning för mig” is produced by Masse, “Dum ikväll” is produced by Howard Who and “Sherikan”, “Kisse Misse”, “Ojojoj”, “Inte nån som”, “Supernova”, “Ta dig upp” and “Maskerad” is Co-produced with K-One.


1.Sherikan (Prod Medina & K-one)
2.Kissemisse Ft Meemo Jacobs(Prod K-one)
3.Ojojoj (Prod K-one)
4.Tippa dom (Remix)
5.Varning för mig (Prod Masse) “Tagen från Evolution”
6.Dum ikväll (Prod Howard Who)
7.Inte nån som Ft Lowam Kidane (Prod Medina & K-one)
8.Supernova (Prod Medina & K-one)
9.Tar dig upp (Prod K-one)
10.Gentleman (Prod Medina)
11.Jag tror på lyx (Remix)
12. Flaj som få Ft Allyawan, Parham P & Sick Art (Remix)
13.Maskerad (Prod K-one)
14.Till min bror (Remix)
15. Starkaste mannen i världen (Prod Medina)
16.Throw ya hands up (Prod K.J)
17.100 bars (Aoutro) (Remix)

Varsågod De e gratis vol 3 can be downloaded from here.

Video and Mixtape from Promoe

Promoe Bondfangeri

Earlier this year Promoe released “Kråksången” which was his first album in Swedish and even if you haven’t hear the whole album I’m guessing you’ve heard the hit single Svennebanan. It seems that he enjoyed rapping in Swedish and the recently released mixtape “Bondfångeri”is completely in Swedish (apart from a track by “Per Vers” which is in Danish). The mixtape is available in digital form through iTunes Store, Spotify or for free from Looptroop Rockers homepageand the CD will only be sold at shows. “Bondfångeri” features guest appearances from Allyawan, Afasi, Cosmic, Embee(Yes you read right!), Organismen, Per Vers, Sam-e, Supreme and Timbuktu. The amazing artwork (which continues in the same line as “Kråksången”) is designed byInk Graphix.

Click here to download “Bondfågeri”

On top of this the video to the second single from “Kråksången”, called “Mammas Gata”was released 2 days ago. The video (and track) features guest appearances from Andreas Grega, Supreme and Timbuktu. The video is directed by kamisol

Medina – Sagoland

Medina recently released the video to their track “Sagoland” from their mixtape “Varsågod De E Gratis Vol 2″. The video is, like their previous video “Ni Vet Vad”, directed by Blue Milk Media.

I would  also like to recommend all of you who haven’t visited their website yet to do it, Sam-e and Alibi are really generous and all their previous releases are available for free!

Click here to visit Medinaonline.se