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Lazee – 1st Class 5 Stars (Season 2)

We’ve written plenty about Lazee in the past and by now he shouldn’t need any introduction. The first “First Class Five Stars” mixtape was released earlier this year and featured guests such as Adam Tensta, Kano, J-Son & Skrilla Kidz. Now it’s time for the second installment in the series, “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″. Even though I liked the first installment I still felt it weren’t near the brilliance of his first tape “It Is What It Is” but I was glad that it wasn’t as (in my opinion) commercial as the debut album “Setting Standards”. On “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″ Lazee has upped his game and he says on his blog that:

“this mixtape is not only a mixtape its a mixtape album and the difference between those two is that I put a lot of work, organizing and planning for this tape…”

Something which, from what I’ve heard from the tape so far, I believe. This mixtape definitely outshines “First Class Five Stars” and it really sounds like he’s put in a lot of work into this!

Click here to download “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″


  1. Intro
  2. Better than the best
  3. Baby ft. Mawuli (prod. Tinitus)
  4. Dont Stop (prod. Collén o Webb)
  5. Get Right ft. Beldina (prod. Saska)
  6. Used To Be ft. Mawuli (prod. A-De)
  7. Set It Off ft. Eboi (prod .Keione)
  8. My Thang ft. Pato Pooh & Beldina (prod. Gameboii)
  9. Keep It Real (prod. Tinitus)
  10. Fantabolous Life Continues (prod .Charlie)
  11. Movin’ On Up ft. Json (prod. A-De)
  12. Walking Away ft. Danjah (prod. A-De)
  13. Hello (prod. Tinitus)
  14. Man in the Mirrow ft. Mawuli
  15. You Get Yours Get Mine ft. Aycash o Santiago *Bonus (prod. Gameboii)
  16. Mind Games *Bonus (prod. Charlie)
  17. Custom Made*Bonus (prod. Charlie)

Eboi – Panic

Eboi just released a new track called “Panic” and it’s his own version of the group Far och Son‘s track “Panik” from last year. The release is a collaboration between Respect My Hustle and Hybris and is available as a free download on My Best Friend is My Grind.

I’m really looking forward to hearing more stuff from Eboi. It’s definitely time that he gets some shine!

RMH Ent – Min Click Remix

RMH Entertainment, which in other words are Adam Tensta, Eboi and Dj Rooftop, have done a smashing remix on Petter’s song “Min Click“. The song is originally produced by Kihlen from Snook. I do prefer the original track, but hey – it’s a great remix and always like to here what other artists can do with another great artists track. According to Dj Sleepy’s blog there will be more remixes later on and I can’t wait.

Download “Min Click RMH Remix” here!

Adam Tensta – Dopeboy ft. Eboi [Video]

Adam Tensta releases his fourth video – Dopeboy ft. Eboi – today. Tensta, who has opened for Rihanna, Busta Rhymes and Jay Z, has conquered the Scandinavian music scene, rapping in English. Even thou Adam Tensta might not be my cup of tea I have to take my cap off and congratulate for the success. Dopeboy is the latest single from his award winning album “It’s A Tensta Thing” and his wingman Eboi features it. Eboi really shines at this one, and I hope RMH Entertainment will back him up soon exactly like they did with Tensta. But I’m sure they will as soon Adam Tensta’s tour is over.

The same team as before stands behind the production of this gallant video.

Direction: Marcus Lundin
Art Direction/Artwork: Albin Holmqvist
Postproduction: Mats Skoglund & Dennis Nenov

Adam Tensta – Up And Comming feat. Eboi

 Adam Tensta
Adam Tensta is currently one of the brightest shinings stars on the Swedish Hiphop-scene. Last year he released his debut album “It’s a Tensta Thing” which was well recieved by the critics as well as the audience. and he won the Swedish Grammy awards for best “Dance/Hip Hop/Soul” 2008. The album mixes hiphop with House/Electro, thus making the sound very club-friendly. But even though it all may sound like club-bangers he still writes conscious lyrics, something that has made some ciritcs claim that he’s the future of Swedish hiphop. Now he and RMH ent are releasing a new track for free on playahead.se. The track, that is called, “Up And Comming” is produced by “Howard Who” and features “Eboi” who hopefully will get some more recognition this year (he definetly outshines Adam on this track!).