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J-Son – Never Half Stepping (Album trailer)

It’s been almost a year since J-Son released the track “Lookie Lookie” and announced his debut album “Never Half Stepping” and next week  it’s finally time for the release! On the album, which is a dedication to his mother,  J-son will tell us his story about the journey from the streets in Brasil to the life he lives today as an artist in Sweden. It will feature artists such as Masayah, Million Stylez and GTICY and includes production from Saska Becker, K-One, Jason Gill, Addeboy vs Cliff and Filthy.

He recently released a trailer for the album and even though I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the trailer I have to admit that it definitely got me interested in the album. The trailer is directed by Tobias Nordquist from Ragtime-Film and the album will be released through Same Blood ent. and distributed by Sony Music.

Listen to “Story of The Brave” featuring. Masayah and produced by Saska:





1. Intro – My Poetry (Produced by: AD)
2. Exercise ft Johan Vega (Produced by: AD)
3. Enviroment ft Gticy (Produced by: Saska Becker)
4. Pretty Boy (Produced by: K-One)
5. Ballin ft Teddy Sky (Produced by: Teddy Sky)
6. Oh Lord ft Million Stylez (Produced by: Teddy Sky)
7. Lookie Lookie (Produced by: Teddy Sky)
8. Super Sexy (Produced by: K-One)
9. Sorry (Produced by: Filthy)
10. Never Half Stepping ft Teddy Sky (Produced by: Wayne Beckford)
11. Born And Raised (Produced by: Step)
12. Top Of The World (Produced by: Saska Becker)
13. Story Of The Brave ft Masahay (Produced by: Saska Becker)
14. My Window ft Yaiya (Produced by: Addeboy vs Cliff)
15. Head In The Sky (Produced by: Jason Gill)
16. Hallowman (Produced by: AD)
17. Change (Produced by: Jason Gill)

J-Son – My Window

J-Son made a name for himself last year when he released the track “Lookie Lookie” , soon followed by “Pretty Boy” which showed that he was definitely an artist to pay attention to. Recently he has been laying some hooks and verses on tracks by 50 cent, Jennifer Brown and the latest track he appeared on, “Loser” by Yo_Dah & Tommy Lee, featured appearances by Lil Wayne, Spark Dawg, Tyga, Joell Ortiz, Smitty & Sum 41. On top of this he and producer Baby Supreme form the production team No Braggy Boyz which recently did a song for the Japanese pop group W-inds.

After all of these guest appearances it’s now finally time for J-son to release a solo track from his upcoming album “Never Half Stepping” which is due in fall. “My Window” is produced by Addeboy vs Cliff and with back vocals by Yaiya. “My Window” features a very different sound from the two earlier singles and it really showes that he want’s to continue to grow as an artist. He says this about the sound on “My Window”:

“I never want to stop shocking people and I will keep switching it up, because I don’t just see me as a rap artist, I want to get as much as possible out of music, and music is so much more than just rap.”

“My Window” is avaliable through Same Blood Entertainment’s shop.