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Lazee – 1st Class 5 Stars (Season 2)

We’ve written plenty about Lazee in the past and by now he shouldn’t need any introduction. The first “First Class Five Stars” mixtape was released earlier this year and featured guests such as Adam Tensta, Kano, J-Son & Skrilla Kidz. Now it’s time for the second installment in the series, “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″. Even though I liked the first installment I still felt it weren’t near the brilliance of his first tape “It Is What It Is” but I was glad that it wasn’t as (in my opinion) commercial as the debut album “Setting Standards”. On “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″ Lazee has upped his game and he says on his blog that:

“this mixtape is not only a mixtape its a mixtape album and the difference between those two is that I put a lot of work, organizing and planning for this tape…”

Something which, from what I’ve heard from the tape so far, I believe. This mixtape definitely outshines “First Class Five Stars” and it really sounds like he’s put in a lot of work into this!

Click here to download “First Class Five Stars – Season 2″


  1. Intro
  2. Better than the best
  3. Baby ft. Mawuli (prod. Tinitus)
  4. Dont Stop (prod. Collén o Webb)
  5. Get Right ft. Beldina (prod. Saska)
  6. Used To Be ft. Mawuli (prod. A-De)
  7. Set It Off ft. Eboi (prod .Keione)
  8. My Thang ft. Pato Pooh & Beldina (prod. Gameboii)
  9. Keep It Real (prod. Tinitus)
  10. Fantabolous Life Continues (prod .Charlie)
  11. Movin’ On Up ft. Json (prod. A-De)
  12. Walking Away ft. Danjah (prod. A-De)
  13. Hello (prod. Tinitus)
  14. Man in the Mirrow ft. Mawuli
  15. You Get Yours Get Mine ft. Aycash o Santiago *Bonus (prod. Gameboii)
  16. Mind Games *Bonus (prod. Charlie)
  17. Custom Made*Bonus (prod. Charlie)

Kaanquest – The Anthem (Remix)

Earlier this year Kaanquest released “The Anthem” which was the first single from his upcoming album. “The Anthem” featured ADL and was chosen as “Mp3 of the week” on the Community/Blog Whoa. Now Kaanquest is back with a remix to “The Anthem” and this time he’s brought together some of Swedens hottest rappers. The remix features appearances from Pato Pooh, Finess, Trainspotters, Academics, X-Man, Prop Dylan, Iron African, Kodie, Parham, Mohammed Ali, Supersci, Mojizzle, Cleo, Toffer, Hermanos Bernal & ADL.

The remix is based on the form of a cypher and each rapper contributes with their own style.  The track is produced by Haidar and Chefen is behind all the cuts.

Click here to download “The Anthem (remix)”

MBFIMG Challenge #3 – Follow Me

Pato Pooh - Follow Me ft. Adam Tensta (Bum Bill Remix)

Pato Pooh’s new video “Follow Me ft. Adam Tensta” as we wrote about in the last post already has +20 000 views at YouTube. In other words, it is not only we at TSD that digs Pato’s new joint.

Top Streetwear, MBFIMG and Deh Din Poik has put up a remix-challenge for the single, one for rappers and one for producers. The challenge goes on for 48hours and it’s all about most views at YouTube and points from a jury. You can read the entire rules over at MBFIMG.com

I haven’t checked out all the remixes yet, + 110 contributions but I have to give some shine to one of the contesters. The producer Bum Bill Beats, who used to be a part of the duo “Pikturez & Bum Bill“, has put together a really dope remix. If you like the remix you should also check out their old mixtape “Urbanized Konfusion“! Peep the remix below.

Go check out all remixes at www.mybestfriendismygrind.com and spread the ones you like. Remember, views matters!

Pato Pooh – Follow Me ft Adam Tensta


Last night Pato Pooh had the releaseparty for his banging new single and musicvideo “Follow Me” (at Berns) which is featured by no other than Adam Tensta. And today the video has it’s premiere over att Aftonbladet.se!

“Follow Me” is  produced by Jeff “Gameboii” Roman (DDP) and the video is directed by Mace Frost and his team which gives you that smashing old classic video game vibe. It’s released through DehDinPoik Entertainment and RMH Entertainment.

” I keep telling em that I’mma bringin’ it back – back to the future “

Edit: The video is now available at YouTube as well, so we embedded it in this post – but it’s still available at Aftonbladet.