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Looptroop Rockers – Magic f/ Chords

Magic som gästas av ingen mindre än Chords är fjärde singeln från Looptroop Rockers album “Professional Dreamers” har precis släppts! Som de tidigare singlarna (Do! och  Professional Dreamers) är även denna inspelad i en storstad och denna gång i Havana, Cuba.

Videon är filmad av Viktor Rising och editerad av Cosmic.

Looptroop Rockers – Professional Dreamers (Video)

I november förra året släppte Looptroop Rockers singeln, “On Repeat”.  Nu har det blivit dags för den andra singeln, “Professional Dreamers”, vilket även är namnet på deras kommande album. Videon hade premiär idag på  PSL där det även finns en intervju med dem. I intervjun säger Cosmic följande om videon:

“Den spelades in strax innan jul i Barcelona. Själva storyn i videon ville vi skulle spegla en professionell drömmares vardag. Här gestaltat av Josef som är en grym skatare. Han lever sin dröm som skateproffs och det passar bra in på känslan vi ville förmedla med videon. Isak som filmade videon hade aldrig filmat en musikvideo förut utan endast gjort skatefilmer så det var ju en liten chansning. Men vi är sjukt nöjda med resultatet!”

Hela intervjun finns att läsa på PSL.

“Professional Dreamers” släpps den 9e mars och gästas av Chords, Gnucci Banana och Lisa Ekdahl.

Looptroop Rockers – On Repeat (Video)

Looptroop Rockers är till vår stora glädje tillbaka med en ny sång och tillhörande video! “On Repeat” är ett svar till det skamliga parlamentsvalet som hölls tidigare i år där det främlingsfientliga partiet Sverigedemokraterna tyvärr blev invalt.

Videon är gjord av Svante Lodén & Johan von Brömssen.

Following the latest election in Sweden (September 19) we wrote, and recorded this song – responding to a racist party being voted in to the Swedish parliament in particular, and to the extreme right wing winds blowing over European and world politics in general. The feelings of frustration and anger had to be channeled some way, and the very day after the election we met in the Wax Cabinet studio to voice our opinion about history repeating itself, and Sweden being an even colder country this fall. — Looptroop Rockers

“On repeat” är en teaser för det nya Looptroop-albumet som släpps i Mars 2011 om allt går enligt planerna.

Ladda ner låten i MP3 eller WAV:
MP3 | WAV | Lyrics

Promoe – Sunday Morning


You want to break free from the scary, or sometimes boring, world – but the drugs make you get really caught up in the system you try to set yourself free from… – Promoe

Promoe’s “track of the month” is called Sunday Morning and it’s a bit darker than the previous tracks. Influenced on a Sunday morning on his way to a train in a almost unpeopled city in addition to the junkies Promoe started to write on what would to become this month’s song.

It’s produced by Jimmy Ledrac who has mixed the music too and it’s a well match for the lyrics. The vocals is recorded and mixed by Astma and Sören von Malmborg has apparently mastered everything in Kabul, Afghanistan(?!).

Click here to download “Sunday morning” in mp3

Get the lyrics and the track in .wav-format over at LTRs own website.

Missed the previous tracks?

Promoe – Kråksången

Promoe @ Ljunggrens

Last night Promoe’s release party for his swedish album “Kråksången” went down at Pluto in Västerås. Tonight it’s time for Promoe to take stage at Ljunggrens in Stockholm. The release date for the record is 29th of April and you can pre-order the album as usually over at Bengans.

And since yesterday evening you can listen to “Kråksången’s” all fifteens tracks featuring Supreme, Timbuktu, PST/Q, Organism 12, Afasi, Vincent and Magnus Betnér(?!) at Promoe’s MySpace! I haven’t listen to the album yet but I guarantee that we will come back with a review on the record later on. Happy listening!

Promoe – Growin' Up On The Road ft. Cosmic


If you find it hard to believe how I can release ‘Svennebanan’ one day, and this the next; understand that we got too many styles for anyone to keep us pigeon holed. – Promoe

A great statement by Promoe for all fans that have started to doubt on him since he released the controversial track “Svennebanan“. Anyhow, Promoe has released a new song every month from his hopefully upcoming english album (not to be mistaked with his swedish album “Kråksången”) during 2009. April’s song of the month featuring no other than former Looptroop Rockers-member CosMIC! Definitely a warm welcoming this spring. The title explains the track fair enough and I love hearing them both on a typical Astma & Rocwell-production like this one.

Click here to download “Growin’ Up On The Road” in mp3

You can also find the lyrics and .wav-format at Looptroop Rockers own website.

Promoe – The Logic of Dreams

Promoe - The Logic of Dreams

In between shooting the video for the first single of his upcoming album and teaching rap at a hiphop-school, Promoe still manages to keep his promise of releasing one track each month. Today he’s releasing his march-track, called “The Logic of Dreams”, through Looptroop Rockers homepage. The track is produced by Astma & Rocwell who has also been involved in all of the previous tracks this year and Promoe has this to say about the track:

“It was recorded during one of many late night sessions in Astma’s studio (just like ‘New Day’ and ‘Blind’ were), when people finally have stopped calling and emailing for the day. A perfect time to be creative. Enjoy!”

Click here to download “The Logic of Dreams” (right click and chose save as…)

Promoe is also sharing a track that he recorded in 2005 together with Cosmic and Tenor Diamond. The track is called “Bureaucrazy” and for those of you who haven’t heard it before I really recommend you to download it!

Click here to download “Bureaucrazy” (right click and chose save as…)

Promoe – New Day

It’s a new year, it’s a new beginning, it’s a new song called ‘New Day’.

Promoe writes about the future at Looptroop Rocker’s own blog and lets us all know that his highly anticipated first solo record in Swedish will be released this spring. Also, Embee is currently working with his own solo material and obviously it’s two records in the making..

Another great year a head with exciting releases from DvsG! But until then can we kick back this day after New Years Eve and listen to Promoe’s new song “New Day” produced by Astma & Rocwell from the DLX family. It’s released in co-operation with JuJu, DvsG and DLX Entertainment.

Download “New Day” here!

Promoe – Den ljusnande FRAmtid

A new track from Promoe, called “Den Ljusnande FRAmtid, is out! It deals with a new law here in Sweden, TSD is not meant to be a political blog so I will not go in to details about this law. But basically this law gives the Swedish government the right to check all Internet/phone-traffic that crosses Sweden’s borders, e-mail, SMS, phone calls etc. A real Big Brother society!

Not only does this law violate our constitutional law but it was passed right before the summer vacations but it was passed against the Police and Swedish secret service advise and without any support from the people. As I said I will not go into detail about this law or my personal views of it but this track is a welcomed contribution to the debate.

The track is also a sneak-peak from Promoe’s upcoming album in Swedish! The track is produced by Astma & Rocwell, the illustration is drawn by Johanna Ritscher and the layout was done by Time Will Tell.

You can download the track here!