Promoe – Sunday Morning


You want to break free from the scary, or sometimes boring, world – but the drugs make you get really caught up in the system you try to set yourself free from… – Promoe

Promoe’s “track of the month” is called Sunday Morning and it’s a bit darker than the previous tracks. Influenced on a Sunday morning on his way to a train in a almost unpeopled city in addition to the junkies Promoe started to write on what would to become this month’s song.

It’s produced by Jimmy Ledrac who has mixed the music too and it’s a well match for the lyrics. The vocals is recorded and mixed by Astma and Sören von Malmborg has apparently mastered everything in Kabul, Afghanistan(?!).

Click here to download “Sunday morning” in mp3

Get the lyrics and the track in .wav-format over at LTRs own website.

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