Promoe – Growin' Up On The Road ft. Cosmic


If you find it hard to believe how I can release ‘Svennebanan’ one day, and this the next; understand that we got too many styles for anyone to keep us pigeon holed. – Promoe

A great statement by Promoe for all fans that have started to doubt on him since he released the controversial track “Svennebanan“. Anyhow, Promoe has released a new song every month from his hopefully upcoming english album (not to be mistaked with his swedish album “Kråksången”) during 2009. April’s song of the month featuring no other than former Looptroop Rockers-member CosMIC! Definitely a warm welcoming this spring. The title explains the track fair enough and I love hearing them both on a typical Astma & Rocwell-production like this one.

Click here to download “Growin’ Up On The Road” in mp3

You can also find the lyrics and .wav-format at Looptroop Rockers own website.

  • ruggig

    Det tackar vi för! Spar den till hörlurarna imorgon bitti, macbookhögtalare gör inte musik rättvisa.

  • John

    Nice to hear a lil’ supm from Cosmic again. But i would love another EP by the casual brothers!

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  • Daniel

    Hehe jag har lite samma problem med min iMac

  • Daniel

    Yeah, that would be awesome! I have to admit that I always liked Cosmic better in Casual Brothers than LTR