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Henok Achido – Pusher ft. Sophia Somajo


The third single of Henok’s forthcoming album “Almaz Charming Child” called Pusher featuring Sophia Somajo has just been released. It is produced by the duo Astma & Rocwell. Last single, Fly Fresh, was well welcomed over in the states and mentioned on all big american hiphop blogs.

Henok keep proving with the latest single his unique style and I’m really curious on his album which drops the 25th of February. The video for Pusher will be released in a week.

Download “Pusher feat Sophia Somajo” here!

Promoe – New Day

It’s a new year, it’s a new beginning, it’s a new song called ‘New Day’.

Promoe writes about the future at Looptroop Rocker’s own blog and lets us all know that his highly anticipated first solo record in Swedish will be released this spring. Also, Embee is currently working with his own solo material and obviously it’s two records in the making..

Another great year a head with exciting releases from DvsG! But until then can we kick back this day after New Years Eve and listen to Promoe’s new song “New Day” produced by Astma & Rocwell from the DLX family. It’s released in co-operation with JuJu, DvsG and DLX Entertainment.

Download “New Day” here!

Promoe – Den ljusnande FRAmtid

A new track from Promoe, called “Den Ljusnande FRAmtid, is out! It deals with a new law here in Sweden, TSD is not meant to be a political blog so I will not go in to details about this law. But basically this law gives the Swedish government the right to check all Internet/phone-traffic that crosses Sweden’s borders, e-mail, SMS, phone calls etc. A real Big Brother society!

Not only does this law violate our constitutional law but it was passed right before the summer vacations but it was passed against the Police and Swedish secret service advise and without any support from the people. As I said I will not go into detail about this law or my personal views of it but this track is a welcomed contribution to the debate.

The track is also a sneak-peak from Promoe’s upcoming album in Swedish! The track is produced by Astma & Rocwell, the illustration is drawn by Johanna Ritscher and the layout was done by Time Will Tell.

You can download the track here!