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Promoe – Dressed To Kill Under A Full Moon + Gunz

Sorry for completely missing out to blog about Promoes last two songs of the month. But better late then never I suppose and hey, Promoe is one month late with a track!


The track for July is called “Dressed To Kill Under A Full Moon” and the beat is signed Jimmy Ledrac who also produced “Sunday Morning“. The variation of the tracks sound is kinda wide which is highly appreciated.

Click here to download “Dressed To Kill Under A Full Moon” in mp3


For August we have “Gunz” featuring no other than the jamaican reggae artist Lutan Fyah. The title itself gives you a great hint what the track is about and Dj Large gives you that classic reggae vibe to it. Makes me go back and spin Promoes album “Long Distance Runner“.

Click here to download “Gunz feat. Lutan Fyah” in mp3

Previous months:

Promoe – Generation Kill


… but can we blame the children when they kill the children / and can we blame the young men when they become the gun men / when we create the monster but let’s expose the sponsor / cus i wanna know who’s responsible.

Finally the song of the month for June by Promoe has arrived from the Basecamp Studios. This time the song of the month is produced by Mr Sloap, a riddim/reggae producer based in Skåne, Sweden. Hanouneh, who is completely unknown for me, is backing up on the vocals and she pulls it off great. According to her MySpace profile she is a former jazz vocalist who has moved on to reggae and hip hop with a political message in her songs. She and Mr Sloap runs a label together called DonDada where they produces and distrubuting reggae and dancehall music.

Click here to download “Sunday morning” in mp3

Previous months:

Promoe – Sunday Morning


You want to break free from the scary, or sometimes boring, world – but the drugs make you get really caught up in the system you try to set yourself free from… – Promoe

Promoe’s “track of the month” is called Sunday Morning and it’s a bit darker than the previous tracks. Influenced on a Sunday morning on his way to a train in a almost unpeopled city in addition to the junkies Promoe started to write on what would to become this month’s song.

It’s produced by Jimmy Ledrac who has mixed the music too and it’s a well match for the lyrics. The vocals is recorded and mixed by Astma and Sören von Malmborg has apparently mastered everything in Kabul, Afghanistan(?!).

Click here to download “Sunday morning” in mp3

Get the lyrics and the track in .wav-format over at LTRs own website.

Missed the previous tracks?

Promoe – Growin' Up On The Road ft. Cosmic


If you find it hard to believe how I can release ‘Svennebanan’ one day, and this the next; understand that we got too many styles for anyone to keep us pigeon holed. – Promoe

A great statement by Promoe for all fans that have started to doubt on him since he released the controversial track “Svennebanan“. Anyhow, Promoe has released a new song every month from his hopefully upcoming english album (not to be mistaked with his swedish album “Kråksången”) during 2009. April’s song of the month featuring no other than former Looptroop Rockers-member CosMIC! Definitely a warm welcoming this spring. The title explains the track fair enough and I love hearing them both on a typical Astma & Rocwell-production like this one.

Click here to download “Growin’ Up On The Road” in mp3

You can also find the lyrics and .wav-format at Looptroop Rockers own website.

Promoe – Blind feat. Million Stylez

Promoe - Blind

In the beginning of 2009 Promoe released the track “New Day” (which we’ve written about earlier) on Looptroop Rockers blog. He also wrote aboute some of his plans for 2009, the main one beeing his upcoming solo-album “Kråksången”. But he also had plans on releasing an album in English on the internet, but because of all the focus he had to put on his Swedish album he decided to release one English song every month and then eventually put them all together as one album.

The first one out was “New Day” and now it’s time for the second release which is called “Blind”. The track features Million Stylez and is produced by Astma and is released in Co-operation with JuJu Records, DvsG and DLX Entertainment.

Promoe is also generous enough to offer the track in both Mp3 and Wav format!

Click here to download Blind in MP3 format. (right click and chose save as…)
Click here to download Blind in Wav format. (right click and chose save as…)

Click here to download the lyrics to Blind.

DLX Tv – Episode One [Video]

DLX Entertainment has just released the first episode for their own web tv “DLX Tv”. Interviews with Form One and Astma about their upcoming album “Behind Blue Eyes” and shout outs from a bunch of swedish rappers; Adam Tensta, Million Stylez, Daniel Adams-Ray (Snook), Maskinen, Promoe and Embee from Looptroop Rockers, Allyawan, Ken Ring and Paragon.

Watch the first episode here

And for some reason we did not write about the mixtape “A New Season (the prequel mixtape)” which was released a week ago.

Download it here

Henok – Fly Fresh [Video]

The video for Henok’s single “Fly Fresh” is now out, and you will or have probably seen it as “Veckans Hitvarning” at ZTV. Anyhow, its directed by the brothers Lindgren – Karl-Uno and John (Film Deliberté) which are the masterminds behind the music video for “Mina Gangsters” by Näääk.

The single hits the store the 8th of October, go get yourself a copy!

Henok Achido – Fly Fresh [Download]

Henok Achido released his new single “Fly Fresh” last thursday by having a release party at Berns. It’s really a good song and Henok has developed as a lyricist. The beat is signed Filthy, so as you all understand it is a great combination. Henok is signed over at Form One’s record label DLX Entertainment and the record, from which the single is take from, “Almaz Amazing Child” will be released later on.

“Fly Fresh” is now available to download over at Discobelle.

Download “Fly Fresh”

Form One – Headache [Download]

In last post we wrote about Form One’s soon-to-be-released mixtape “A New Season (the prequel mixtape)”. Then we wrote about the track “The City” and now another track from the mixtape has been released. It’s called “Headache” and ofcourse the beat is signed by Astma.

Download “Headache”

Form One – The City [Download]

Form One‘s sophomore album is currently beeing mastered and he’s working on the finishing touches on the artwork. The album will hopefully be out in a couple of months.

As a warm up for the album Form one and producer Astma will release a  mixtape entitled “A New Season (the prequel mixtape)”. The mixtape will mainly concist of new and previously unreleased material. The mixtape will be out in a short while and the first song from the mixtape is called “The City” which is now avalible as a free download.

Download “The City”