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DLX Tv – Episode One [Video]

DLX Entertainment has just released the first episode for their own web tv “DLX Tv”. Interviews with Form One and Astma about their upcoming album “Behind Blue Eyes” and shout outs from a bunch of swedish rappers; Adam Tensta, Million Stylez, Daniel Adams-Ray (Snook), Maskinen, Promoe and Embee from Looptroop Rockers, Allyawan, Ken Ring and Paragon.

Watch the first episode here

And for some reason we did not write about the mixtape “A New Season (the prequel mixtape)” which was released a week ago.

Download it here

Kihlen going solo


Kihlen, who might be mostly know as a rapper in the group ”Snook” and for the mega-hit “Alla som inte dansar är våldtäktsmän”, is planning on releasing a solo album.  According to an interview with “TT Spektra” he feels that it’s time for him to take some more credit for what he’s done since a lot of people don’t realise that he’s not only a great rapper/writer but also a great producer. For example he was the producer behind “Petter“s hit “Goddamnit”, he has produced most of “Snook”s music and now he’s also written lyrics for “Veronica Maggio“s new album.

Even though nothing is recorded yet he says that the sound of the album will be nothing like the hiphop he does with “Snook” and “Maskinen” and he says that the album will probably feature a lot of song instead of rap. I’m really looking forward to see what the project will end up like, but if you think about what Kihlen has achieved so far the result can’t be anything but great!

 You can read the whole interview (Swedish only) here!