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Labyrint – Kärleken

Labyrint is a hip-hop/reggae group from Uppsala, in july this year they released “Trakterna” which was their contribution to the Swedish hiphop compilation “Evolution”.

Now they are back with a new single called “Kärleken”. The song you can hear in the end of the video is the b-side to the single and is called “Hat”.The video is directed by  Mas Loco and Daniel Larsson. The track is produced by Mr Sloap.

The full single can be bought through iTunes and listened to through Spotify

Promoe – Generation Kill


… but can we blame the children when they kill the children / and can we blame the young men when they become the gun men / when we create the monster but let’s expose the sponsor / cus i wanna know who’s responsible.

Finally the song of the month for June by Promoe has arrived from the Basecamp Studios. This time the song of the month is produced by Mr Sloap, a riddim/reggae producer based in Skåne, Sweden. Hanouneh, who is completely unknown for me, is backing up on the vocals and she pulls it off great. According to her MySpace profile she is a former jazz vocalist who has moved on to reggae and hip hop with a political message in her songs. She and Mr Sloap runs a label together called DonDada where they produces and distrubuting reggae and dancehall music.

Click here to download “Sunday morning” in mp3

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