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Kaanquest – The Anthem (Remix)

Earlier this year Kaanquest released “The Anthem” which was the first single from his upcoming album. “The Anthem” featured ADL and was chosen as “Mp3 of the week” on the Community/Blog Whoa. Now Kaanquest is back with a remix to “The Anthem” and this time he’s brought together some of Swedens hottest rappers. The remix features appearances from Pato Pooh, Finess, Trainspotters, Academics, X-Man, Prop Dylan, Iron African, Kodie, Parham, Mohammed Ali, Supersci, Mojizzle, Cleo, Toffer, Hermanos Bernal & ADL.

The remix is based on the form of a cypher and each rapper contributes with their own style.  The track is produced by Haidar and Chefen is behind all the cuts.

Click here to download “The Anthem (remix)”

Freddie Cruger feat. ADL – Running From Love

Despite releasing numerous albums  and 12″ vinyls and almost having a legendary status abroad, producer Freddie Cruger (aka Red Astaire) is relatively unkown to the general public here in Sweden (and I have to admit that I heard him for the first time just 1 or 2 years ago) . He released his first 12″ vinyl in 1994 and has worked with artists such as ADL, Desmond Foster, Swing Fly & Linn and has been touring all over the world.

“Running From Love” was originally released as a 12″ on Raw Fusion in 2003 and in 2006 also on the compilation album “Soul Search” which had distribution in USA, England and Australia.

The video was released in february this year so I know we’re a bit late on this but I found out about it today and really thought this deserved some attention. So sit back and enjoy, because this is two legends at their best!

The video was produced by Yablo Productions and the album “Soul Search” is avalible through CDon or iTunes

Maskinen -Be Quiet feat. ADL, Timbuktu & Lazee

“Put your hands down, you ain’t ready for the riot!” 


I read about this track a while ago, but the article just said that they’re going to make a remix and not when they would release it. I still don’t know if it’s officially released but i found this on the internet so i though why not put it up. The original is dope but the remix is smoking! Everyone does a great job and ADL shows why he’s still one of swedens greatest MC’s and it was a long time i heard Timbuktu rap like this in english!

Klick here to download “Be Quiet”

 Update 2008-03-25: According to P.O.P.E records this version is in fact an unfinished version that has leaked, it’s not mastered and the mixing is incomplete. Since this track already been widely spread I’m going to keep it on the site but you should be aware that this do not represent how the finished version will sound. Hopefully the real version will be released soon!