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The O-Zone vs Brooklyn 12/11 (Krischansta Nation)

O-Zone Battles Poster

The O-Zone Battles arranged their first battle in April this year and is Swedens first battle-league. Since the start O-zone battle has arranged 2 more battles and  the response for the battles has so far been great and the interest for the battles just keeps growing. On November 12 it’s time for the 4th battle which will be held at Krischansta Nation in Lund.

The battle will feature both new and old contestants such as Allyawan, Henry Bowers, Mickelito and Crome. Dj More-10 will also be there and will play between the matches.

Right after the battle the  hiphop-/soul-/dancehallclub Brooklyn will start. Dj’s this evening will be Dj Amato and Beneaf & Rome. To get in to the club you need a student ID (which is not needed for the battle).

The O-Zone is a collaboration between S.T.I.C.S, Digital Dirt and Dubcnn.

When: November 12, 18:00-21:30 (22.30-02.00 for the club)
Where: Kristianstads Nation
Age: 18
Tickets: 40 kr (100 kr for both battle and club, OBS! you need a student ID to get in to the club)

For more information go to theozonebattles.com

Trainspotters – The grip tape

Trainspotters - The Griptape (Cover)

The group Trainspotters, consisting of George Kaplan and Rewind, has made quite a reputation for themselves through gigs in cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki, as well as major festivals. Even though music distribution today is mainly handled digitally the group has still managed to sell over 5000 12″ vinyls as well as DVDs, CDs and cassettes through stores in cities such as Berlin, Boston, London and Tokyo.

A couple of days ago they released a new mixtape called “The Grip Tape”. The mixtape is a tribute to skateboarding and is put together by Chefen and presented by Random Bastards. The mixtape contains 18 tracks with features from artists such as Academics, Allyawan, Mr. Noun(Supersci), Mofeta,Kashal-Tee and Prop Dylan.

Click here to download “The Grip Tape” in a zip file (192 Kbps)

This free download is made possible by Transition Magazine, Method.TV, Stale and New Era Fits.


1. Intro (produced by Chefen)
2. Ain’t My Style feat. Prop Dylan (produced by Academics)
3. Take A Hit feat. Palabras & Leelo (produced by Tom 12″)
4. Laid Back (produced by Academics)
5. Growin Up (produced by Flinta)
6. Growin Up remix (produced by Academics)
7. Bullshit Rap feat. Allyawan, Mr Noun (Supersci), Sci-Fi, Kashal-Tee, Prop Dylan & Mufakka (produced by Hands Funky 5ingers)
8. Skitsnack Rap feat. Mickelito, Marke, Gimpladesh, Academics, Mofeta, Queff & Toffer (produced by Hands Funky 5ingers)
9. I Tid feat. Bobbo, Marke, Max & Niklas
10. Don’t You Know feat. JXP (produced by Academics)
11. That’s How (produced by Academics)
12. Boards & Beats feat. Mr Noun (Supersci) King Chris & Vernon (produced by Chefen)
13. City Streets feat. Incks & Chiara Bombieri-Morales (produced by Academics)
14. World Wide (produced by Academics)
15. Kaplan live at Ametist (SR Metropol)
16. Still The Kids (produced by Academics)
17. Still The Kids remix (produced by Phunk2)
18. Outro (produced by Academics)