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Organismen – Tomma Ord feat. Avastyle


Organismen visited Ametist last friday on the show “En Kärleksattack på Svensk Hiphop” where he gave an open-hearted interview and played the second single, “Tomma Ord”, from the upcoming album “Om Gud Vill och Vädret Tillåter”. The track features Avastyle who also produced it and is a bit more laid back and than the first single, “Den Vita Kaninen”. Even though I really liked the first single I have to admit that this is how I prefer organismen, laid-back and reflecting. He describes the track as

“a song about all the lies we promise each other. About wanting to change oneself, growing up or quitting bad habits, even though deep down you know that you will fall back in to old habits again.”

The track is now avaliable as a free download through Ametist blog and “Om Gud Vill och Vädret Tillåter” will be released through Pirate Bay in the end of June.