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Ison & Fille – Galen

Ison & Fille – Galen omslag

Idag släppte Ison & Fille sin nya singel “Galen” från kommande fullängdaren “För Evigt”. Låten är producerad av Mack Beats och innehåller en sampling från Daniel Adams-Rays “Dum Av Dig”

Albumet “För Evigt”, som är deras första album på 4 år, släpps den 4 maj via Hemmalaget och kommer att gästas av bl.a Veronica Maggio, Newkid, Stor och Highwon. Utöver produktioner från Mack Beats kommer skivan innehålla produktioner från Masse, Avastyle, DJ Large och Sakke.

Klicka här för att köpa “Galen” via iTunes

Petter, Ison & Fille och Mogge "För Alla Dom" (video trailer)

The two latest singles from Ison & Fille left me feeling a bit disappointed. Not because they were bad songs, I thought they were great. But even though they’re great as solo artist they’re practically unbeatable as a group. Now it’s finally time for a track with both of them on it. The track is called “För Alla Dom” and is produced by Saska and is a collaboration between Ison & Fille, Petter and Mogge (Masayah).

The track samples the song “Till dom ensamma” by Mauro Scocco and according to Ametist all surplus from the single will be donated to “Situation Stockholm” (a magazine which tries to help homeless people to get back on their feet).

The single and video will be released on November 24 through Hemmalaget/UVR/Bonnier. Until then I will have to put the first few seconds of the trailer on repeat (I’m already hooked and I reeeeeeeeeally want to hear the full track).


You can now listen to ”För Alla Dom” over at DN På Stan’s blog!

Ison & Fille – Jag Skrattar Idag

Ison & Fille - jag skrattar idag

Ison & Fille released their debut album “Vår Sida Av Stan” in 2002 and has since then released 2 full length albums, 1 EP, a couple of mixtapes with the group Highwon and featured on tracks by Petter, Advance Patrol, Stor, Paragon, Fattaru, Organism 12 and numerous others. After all of this they took a break from music and Ison started working as a host for the morning show on SR Metropol whilst Fille could be seen on the comedy show “Lilla Al-Fadji & Co” starring him and Big Fred.

But now, three years after the release of their latest full length album, they’re finally back in the studio to finish their long awaited (at least from me) forth album, “För Evigt”.

The first single is called “Jag Skrattar Idag” and is produced by Astma. “Jag Skrattar Idag” will be avaliable through iTunes and other digital outlets on June 9 via Hemmalaget/Bonnier but for a limited time the track is available for free through Wonlove (who’s celebrating their re-launch).

Click here to go to Wonlove and download “Jag Skrattar Idag”

Paragon – AAVISST [Video]

The video, directed by Niklas Johansson (Boomerangfilm), for Paragons first single “Aavisst” is out!

 It’s been 3 years since he released his sophomore album “Löftet” and now he’s finally getting ready to release his third album “Glöd” and he sounds hungrier than ever! The electronic, yet dirty, beat  is produced by “Astma & Rocwell”. A duo that has proven earlier that they and Paragon make a great combination (this track is no exception).

“Glöd” will be out on April 21 on Hemmalaget and for more updates on the album check out Paragons blog!