MBFIMG Challenge #3 – Follow Me

Pato Pooh - Follow Me ft. Adam Tensta (Bum Bill Remix)

Pato Pooh’s new video “Follow Me ft. Adam Tensta” as we wrote about in the last post already has +20 000 views at YouTube. In other words, it is not only we at TSD that digs Pato’s new joint.

Top Streetwear, MBFIMG and Deh Din Poik has put up a remix-challenge for the single, one for rappers and one for producers. The challenge goes on for 48hours and it’s all about most views at YouTube and points from a jury. You can read the entire rules over at MBFIMG.com

I haven’t checked out all the remixes yet, + 110 contributions but I have to give some shine to one of the contesters. The producer Bum Bill Beats, who used to be a part of the duo “Pikturez & Bum Bill“, has put together a really dope remix. If you like the remix you should also check out their old mixtape “Urbanized Konfusion“! Peep the remix below.

Go check out all remixes at www.mybestfriendismygrind.com and spread the ones you like. Remember, views matters!