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Allyawan – Grind or Die [Download]

21-year old rapper Allyawan is one of Swedens illest emcees right now and is seen by many as the future of Swedish hip-hop, with all right! Not only does he flow so natural that you almost believe that he actually talks like that but he is also one of few that can rap in Swedish, English and on top of that also sing without making it sound unnatural.

This year he has been featuring on numerous tracks and the release his mixtape “Blu Duk Tales Vol.2″ is just around the corner. But for those of us who can’t wait until the mixtape drops here’s a sneak peak.

The track is called: “Grind or die” and is produced by Kids On DMT

[audio http://www.liah-productions.net/allyawan-grind_or_die.mp3]

Download “Grind or die” here!

DLX Tv – Episode One [Video]

DLX Entertainment has just released the first episode for their own web tv “DLX Tv”. Interviews with Form One and Astma about their upcoming album “Behind Blue Eyes” and shout outs from a bunch of swedish rappers; Adam Tensta, Million Stylez, Daniel Adams-Ray (Snook), Maskinen, Promoe and Embee from Looptroop Rockers, Allyawan, Ken Ring and Paragon.

Watch the first episode here

And for some reason we did not write about the mixtape “A New Season (the prequel mixtape)” which was released a week ago.

Download it here

Looptroop – Prayin On A Liver [Video]

Looptroop’s new album “Good Things” is now available in all great stores across the globe (HHV.de, iTunes etc). I am not going to talk more about it because you all out there ready know how god damn good that record is.. Anyway, a remix of Looptroop’s cover of Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” has been released at their website. It’s called “Prayin On A Liver” and features some of Sweden’s hottest rappers at this moment as we speak: Allyawan, Adam Tensta and Lazee!

You can also download it as a mp3 here (righ click, save as)!