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Oliver Def & Bjarne B – Borta men här EP

Borta men här EP

The group Oliver Def & Bjarne B , consisting of producer Bjarne B and rapper Oliver Def,  released their second EP “Borta Men Här” yesterday.  With one foot in the sound of old A tribe called quest records and the other one in space they want to create innovative music but still stick the roots of what once defined hip hop.

Personality, humor, seriousness, attitude, funk and imagination., all blended together into a, sometimes, paradoxical mix. The result is a record filled with raw funky beats and personal lyrics.

The first single, called “Oss”, was released last year along with some remixes done by Simon Soold, Pure P & Louis Shine. The video to “Oss” will be released in a few days. As another peak of the EP you can listen to the track “Naken” below, which features guest appearances from Eye N’I and Profilen of PH3

[audio http://thesaladdays.se/wp-content/uploads/2009/03_Naken_feat_PH3.mp3]

Everyone who orders something from Gulanstore will get the EP for free and it’s also available to buy in their store for 50 kr or by emailing oliverdef@hotmail.com, I can assure you that it’s worth the money! I will definitely keep an eye on these guys in the future!

1. Ta Mig Dit
2. Om Jag
3. Naken feat. PH3
4. Åwright
5. Checka Din Puls
6. Oss