We’re back!

We’re back! As you may have noticed we have started updating the blog again. It might seem strange to just start to update a blog all of a sudden withouth any word about our abscense from the blog.

So here’s just a quick explanation of why the blog haven’t been updated and about what we’re going to do with the blog in the future.

The main reason the blog haven’t been updated is lack of time, which I know we’ve said before, but also because we didn’t really now what to do with the blog. Until now we have just been posting news, which is of course an essential part of the blog, but we don’t want the blog to be just about news. We wanted to post reviews, do interviews, write editorials and a lot of other stuff. We found that it was really hard to do everything we wanted to do when writing in English and the blog became just about news.

Because the blog right now isn’t everything we want it to be we have decided to switch language so from now on the blog will be written in Swedish. This is our last post in English here on The Salad Days.

This will, hopefully, make us able to realize our plans and write reviews, interviews, editorials etc. After some thought and some very good tips and insights from Majestic Flow we have also decided to write about more than just swedish hip-hop, we haven’t decided specific things to write about yet but we will post them as soon as we’ve decided!

We’re also working on a new design for the blog, the current design was just supposed to be temporary yet we’ve been using it for almost 2 years now.  We don’t really now when the new design will be launched but hopefully this year. This new design will also implement google translate so that you still will be able to read our news in English.

We really look forward to start working and developing the blog again! If you have any questions, suggestions for things to write about or just general input we would really appriciate your feedback. You can e-mail us att info@thesaladdays.se , hit us up on our twitter or just comment below!