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Jasons spellista i P3

Bild tagen från Sveriges Radio
Bild tagen från Sverigesradio.se

Efter hela 10 år så sändes det sista avsnittet av P3 Hiphop tisdagen den 4 januari. Det bjöds på en resa genom de 10 åren som Timbuktu & Dj Amato har hållit låda i Sveriges särklass bästa radioprogram om hiphop. Allt från gammal svensk rap som Ten-Brink och MBMA till Gang starr och givetvis de årliga rap upsen från Skillz spelades.

Anledningen till nerläggningen var att P3 gjorde en så kallad “modernisering av tablån” där genreprogram inte längre fick plats. Vad man tycker om det hela är en helt annan story, men P3 har helt klart tappat fotfästet om vad folk vill lyssna på. Som tur är fick Mats Nileskär vara kvar i etern med sitt kära P3 Soul.

Men ur askan stiger Fenix och Timbuktu är tillbaka med ett nytt program som ett litet plåster på såret. “Jasons spellista” som det nya programmet heter har premiär idag kl 13.00 och då kommer Jason spela sin favoritmusik och berätta om sin relation till de specifika låtarna. Det lovas allt från bluegrass till cumbia, så även om det inte är P3 Hiphop så känns det tryggt att Jason Diakité är kvar på P3. Och givetvis kan vi vänta oss att Amato dyker upp på besök då och då.

Lyssna på “Jasons spellista” på P3 fredagar klockan 13-14.00!

Professor P & Dj Akilles – Do What’s On Your Mind feat. Timbuktu

Maintain Ep Cover

Professor P and Dj Akilles has been working together since 2005 and in 2007 they released Professor P’s debut album “Patience” through their label Loyalty. “Patience” was followed by the mixtapes “He’s the Dj i’m the rapper” and “Large Professor P”. Both mixtapes contained classic beats with new rap by Professor P, but now it’s finally time for some brand new material! On November 4 they will release a new EP called “Maintain EP”.

“Do What’s on your mind” is the first single from the Ep and it features a guest appearance from Timbuktu (always nice to hear him rap in English).

The EP will apart from Timbuktu  feature a guest appearance Dj Static and the whole EP is produced by Professor P and Dj Akilles. The EP will be released on a limited edition vinyl on November 3 and digitally on November 4 and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. The vinyl will be limited to a 100 copies which will be numbered and signed.

You can listen to “Do What’s on your mind” on Youtube:

For more information and news about Professor P and Dj Akilles check out their blog!

Petter – Älskar din stil feat. Timbuktu

Petter, who right now can be seen on TV4′s “Så mycket bättre”, released his 8th studio album “En Räddare i Nöden” earlier this year. Earlier this year videos has been released to the tracks “Fast för evigt”“Gör min dag”, “Längesen” and “U & Me”. Now the turn has come to the track “Älskar din stil” wich  features Timbuktu. The video is basically a summer day with barbecue, skateboarding and swimming with Petter, Timbuktu and a lot of friends.

Petter also recently recorded a track to the producer Stress upcoming album which will feature contributions from Ken, Timbuktu, Chapee n Chess, Lazee, Ison & Fille, Adam Tensta, Dida, Eboi, Sebbe (Kartellen), Labyrinten, Medina, Näääk & Nimo and many others.

To receive the latest news about Petter check out his blog or follow him on twitter!

Promoe & Timbuktu winners at the Grammis award ceremony.

Promoe - Kråksången

The “Grammis 2010” award ceremony is over for this year. The award for “Club/Hiphop of the year” went to Promoe for his album Kråksången and the award for “Music video of the year” went to Timbuktu for his video “Välj Mej” ,from the album “En High 5 & 1 Falafel“, directed by Daniel Wirtberg & Jonas Rudström for Daemon Films.

Video and Mixtape from Promoe

Promoe Bondfangeri

Earlier this year Promoe released “Kråksången” which was his first album in Swedish and even if you haven’t hear the whole album I’m guessing you’ve heard the hit single Svennebanan. It seems that he enjoyed rapping in Swedish and the recently released mixtape “Bondfångeri”is completely in Swedish (apart from a track by “Per Vers” which is in Danish). The mixtape is available in digital form through iTunes Store, Spotify or for free from Looptroop Rockers homepageand the CD will only be sold at shows. “Bondfångeri” features guest appearances from Allyawan, Afasi, Cosmic, Embee(Yes you read right!), Organismen, Per Vers, Sam-e, Supreme and Timbuktu. The amazing artwork (which continues in the same line as “Kråksången”) is designed byInk Graphix.

Click here to download “Bondfågeri”

On top of this the video to the second single from “Kråksången”, called “Mammas Gata”was released 2 days ago. The video (and track) features guest appearances from Andreas Grega, Supreme and Timbuktu. The video is directed by kamisol

Promoe – Kråksången

Promoe @ Ljunggrens

Last night Promoe’s release party for his swedish album “Kråksången” went down at Pluto in Västerås. Tonight it’s time for Promoe to take stage at Ljunggrens in Stockholm. The release date for the record is 29th of April and you can pre-order the album as usually over at Bengans.

And since yesterday evening you can listen to “Kråksången’s” all fifteens tracks featuring Supreme, Timbuktu, PST/Q, Organism 12, Afasi, Vincent and Magnus Betnér(?!) at Promoe’s MySpace! I haven’t listen to the album yet but I guarantee that we will come back with a review on the record later on. Happy listening!

Promoe – Detta Har Hänt

Promoe - Kråksången (cover)

The date is finally set for Looptroop Rockers own Promoe fifth solo album which will be the first time Promoe releases a solo album in swedish! The album, “Kråksången”, will be released the 22th of April at JuJu Records.

Promoe has a lot of records behind him and all of them in english, so I guess you can understand now how interesting this release is for us swedish fans. He has released songs in swedish before thou, but only on 12″, compilations and various guest verses – not a whole album.

Participated producers behind “Kråksången” are Astma, Filthy, Jimmy Ledrac and Dj Large and I am stunned over that Embee hasn’t been mentioned. Oh well, you will also find guest artists such as his Looptroop Rockers colleague Supreme, Timbuktu, Afasi, PSTQ and singer Vincent.

“Detta Har Hänt” is the first track released from the album and it is produced by Astma. It is a bright storytelling song where Promoe let us all know what has happen since day one ’til now. I sure do like it, and my expectations for this album is enormous. And I don’t think I am the only one with such expectations..

Download “Promoe – Detta Har Hänt” (.mp3) here!
Download “Promoe – Detta Har Hänt” (.wav) here!

Chords – Live at Stockholms Kulturfestival!

Brunkebergs Torg, Stockholm
Saturday, August 16
21.00 – 22.30


01. Night time comes
02. Stay hungry (end of the song with the “Bad Boy 4 Life“-beat)
03. No time like The present
04. Wrap your chops (end of the song with the “I got 5 on it“-beat)
05. Places to go
06. On The grind (chorus and his verse)
07. På din grinn feat. Organism 12
08. Andrahandskontrakt feat. Öris (T.R)
09. Allt jag vet feat. Mofeta & Jerre (Chords kicking “Bara när jag är full”)
10. Det brinner i paris feat. Timbuktu
11. Det löser sig feat. Timbuktu
12. Internet friends
13. Strangers in the light
14. Luckiest man alive

Extra: Knockin’ on my door

I’m a very big fan of Chords but I’ve only managed to see him live 2 times in 5 years, well I’ve seen him as “Helt Off” and of course together with Timbuktu but solo concerts by Chords is still a pretty rare thing. So when i found out that he was doing 2 gigs in Stockholm (one on my first and only day off in 2 weeks!) I was psyched!

I went to both gigs, the first was at “Club Spiderdogs” but I’ll not go into details about that concert since it was nothing in comparison to the gig he did the day after (it also might have to do with the fact that I was a bit drunk during the first gig).

The show kick-starts with Moe and Spider Dogs gradually building up the beat to “Night Time Comes” and by the time Chords enters the stage the crowd is already wild! Spider dogs really does an amazing job and it really ads a lot of extra energy to the show. Wrap your chops is really something extra when you see it with a live band and when the whole crowd is screaming “high, high, high” during the chorus and Spider Dogs stats playing the beat to Luniz classic track “I Got 5 On It” I find it hard to imagine that the show will get any better than this. Wrong!

This gig is full of guests and when he’s done with his verse and chorus from “on the grind” he suddenly starts to sing the chorus from “På din grinn” and Organism 12 jumps up on stage, followed by Öris and then Mofeta. We’ve been promised a secret guest and after Mofeta has left the stage the band starts to play “Det brinner i Paris” and Timbuktu runs out on stage, by now the crowd has gone ballistic! You can really see that these two guys has shared a stage hundreds of times, they could probably jump up on stage together without rehearsing and give one hell of a gig!

The whole show was amazing and it makes one really wonder how anyone in the right mind can choose “Broder Daniel” before Chords. All I can say is that if you went to “The Voice 08″-show (why the hell would anyone do that!?) or just stayed home you really missed out on something! Big up to JuJu Records for the photo from the show!

I can’t record video clips with my phone and I don’t have access to a camera so to really show you how good “Wrap Your Chops is with a live band I thought I would give you a clip from the gig at “Joe’s Pub” a couple of years ago, enjoy!

Timbuktu & Damn! – Live!

A couple of years ago Timbuktu was on some heavy touring together with Damn! and Chords and could be seen all over Sweden. The shows were very popular and they really were something extra. Or so I’ve heard, some assclowns at megafeztival refused to pay them so I didn’t have a chance to see them in 2004 (I got to see Chords though).

Fortunately for me (and many others) they recorded some of the shows and released them on CD. The CD sold some time ago and now Timbuktu & JuJu Records are releasing it as a free download, so if you haven’t got it already this is a great chance to get one of the best live CD’s I’ve heard!


1. Intro/Lobbyn om 5
2. Din lian i rapdjungelen
3. Ett brev
4. Strö lite socker på mig
5. Gott folk
6. Gass Jaal/afrikan Scanien Music
7. De luktar rök
8. Pendelparanoia
9. Dynamit
10. Ta de lugnt
11. The Botten is nådd

Klick here to download!

Chords – Appetite for Consumption feat. Timbuktu [Video]

Chords released his sophomore album “Things we do for things” a couple of weeks ago and if you haven’t already I strongly advise you to go out and buy it! Last friday he released a video to the track “Appetite for Consumption” which features Timbuktu. This is not the next single from the album and the video was just shot for fun.

The video was shot in Venice Beach during last September and is directed by Kirk Edwards & Sam Claypool.