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Näääk – Näääk Vem?

Näääk - Näääk Vem?

Näääks debut album releases the 21th October and a releaseparty for the record is being held at Hotel Reisen (Stockholm) by Salong Betong and Slangmusik at Thursday (the 22nd). The event starts at 20:00 sharp and the first one arriving will get free Red Stripes and goodie bags from Caliroots. You can RSVP to the event at facebook here.

We have written about his singles earlier, “Så Jag Lever Mitt Liv” and “När Ska Han Växa Upp?” and now it’s time for the full release. To my surprise, the whole record is allready available at Spotify! I know what’s going to spin in my earphones this morning.


  1. Näääk Vem? Feat. May Yamani
  2. Hela Helgen
  3. Lyckas Alltid Feat. Alpis & Mackish Price
  4. Sthlm City Feat. Mackish Price
  5. Så Jag Lever Mitt Live Feat. Nimo
  6. När Ska Han Växa Upp Feat. Kaliffa
  7. Namnet Va Näääkish
  8. Vithaj Feat. Sexfemman
  9. Så Vi Gör Det
  10. Har Du Sett
  11. Maskrosbarn
  12. Tack O Hej För Mig

Listen to “Näääk Vem?” at Spotify here!

Näääk – När Ska Han Växa Upp?


Näääk is back with another track! Now it’s time for his second single from his upcoming debut albom “Näääk Vem?” which releases the 21th of October. “När Ska Han Växa Upp” is a story telling track about Näääks ordinary weekday produced by Mattias Caliste for Blast Off (who also produced the first single “Så Jag Lever Mitt Liv“). Kaliffa sings the hook, who you otherwise often see at Ken Rings and now Hoffmaestros shows.

The single is released via Slang Musik and the tattoo shop Salong Betong.

Download the single at SoundCloud here

Näääk – Så Jag Lever Mitt Liv

Finally the first single from Näääk’s debut album “Näääk Vem?” has been released! The single is called “Så Jag Lever Mitt Liv” and it’s produced by Marvin Caliste for Blast Off Productions and A.K.

I have been waiting for new material signed Näääk ever since I heard and saw the video “Mina Gangsters ft. Nimo Cheebs“. It’s definitely one of the best swedish hip hop videos in my humble opinion.

The single is a very laidback storytelling track about Näääk’s common life, “… brudar, weed och vitt vin“, and I really dig his unique flow. Of course his wingman Nimo Cheebs figures in the video, which is directed and edited by Ivan Spee and Niklas Lindberg. The album drops 21th October through Slang Musik and the tattoo shop Salong Betong.

Download the single at SoundCloud here

Max Peezay – Boven I Dramat


The art/tattoo-studio Salong Betong in collaboration with Devrim Productions is giving you the first single, entitled Boven i dramat, from Max Peezays upcoming sophomore album which is scheduled for release sometime during spring.

The track is produced  by Blast Off Productions and even though it isn’t really the grime-sound that Max Peezy is generally known for, it’s still a banger and the flow is definitely the trademark Max Peezay flow! 

Download it here! (right click and choose save as…)