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Oliver Def & Bjarne B – Kärlek & Beats

Kärlek & Beats

Oliver Def & Bjarne B , consisting of producer Bjarne B and rapper Oliver Def,  released the EP “Borta Men Här” earlier this year and now the’re back with a brand new netplay! The netplay contains 4 tracks

“About 2009 and about how everything started. It’s a mix of the funky, the sugarsweet, the self-exposing, the raw and the beautiful. A bit like love. A bit like hiphop.”

I’ve listened to the netplay a couple of times now and I really enjoyed it so I recommend you all to download it!

The cover is designed by Jens Moses


01. B-boy Deluxe
02. Försökt (feat. Huzzlin Sanna Ohlgren)
03. Ljudet du gör (backup vocals by Huzzlin Sanna Ohlgren)
04. Wazzap

Download the netplay from here!

Picturez & Bumbill – Urbanized Confusion

Urbanized Konfusion

The ending of 2008 is nearing but there’s still plenty of releases on the Swedish hiphop-scene. MC Picturez and producer Bumbill (who together forms the group Pikturez & Bumbill) is giving you a New Years present in the form the netplay “Urbanized Konfusion“. Pikturez & Bumbill, who formerly was known as The Scissormen, released their first demo “Kill it before it grows” two years ago and now it’s finally time for them to release some new material! Even though this is their first release in a while this might be the last thing we hear from them as a group in a while. After this release they’ve decided to take a break from their work as a group and work on their solo careers and I’m sure we’ll hear more from them, both solo and as a group, in the the future!

The netplay features guest appearances from Phonetik, Rigael Damar, Funkenteller and a remix by Robin Bankz and can be downloaded from The Pirate Bay or directly from here!

1. Dat Ish!
2. In the Air ft. Phonetik and Rigael Damar
3. Nikes & Asics (Bankz Remix)
4. We Are ft. Funkenteller
5. What I Thought I’d Be
6. Back Down
7. Cheese (outro)
8. Nikes & Asics