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Elsa – Girl in the Game

Elsa – Girl In The Game from Boiling Pandas on Vimeo.

We wrote about Elsa’s single “Girl In The Game” about a week ago and now it’s time for the video to hit the internet! The video is directed and produced by Rikard Landberg and Simon
Ekberg for Snedstreck Productions.
“Girl In The Game” is produced by RSL Beats and recorded in Level 8 Studios. The album “Stickup” will be released on July 22.

Elsa – Girl In The Game


Elsa is a 20 year old rapper from Stockholm and she has recently released “Girl In The Game” which is the first single from her coming album “Stickup”. The album consists of productions from RSL Beats, Kryptonite, Yas (Goldmine), Duggud, Bum Bill + guest spots by Critical and Bashie.

Elsa released the demo “Satisfaction (PrettyUgly)” 2,5 years ago which was well recieved by the audience as well as the press and radio. She played at numerous gigs all around Sweden the summer of 2007 til early 2008 and got airtime on both swedish and french radio.

Since then she has feature several mixtapes and compilations (Best Of Swedish Groove for example) and now she is, as we said, about to release her record “Stickup”.

“Girl In The Game” is produced by RSL Beats and recorded at Level 8 Studios where the whole record has been recorded as well.

Click here to download “Girl In The Game”

or stream the mp3 via Elsas MySpace

Organismen – Den Vita Kaninen

Organismen - Den vita Kaninen

I’ve been waiting to hear something from Organismen‘s upcoming album “Om Gud Vill och Vädret Tillåter” for ages and today he finally released the first single and video from the album! The track is called “Den Vita Kaninen” and he is generously giving it away as a free download through Piratebay. “Den Vita Kaninen” is produced by Dj Large and the video is directed by Torben Stampe.

The video and track can be downloaded through Piratebay. I also recomend you to check out his blog where you can read news, anecdotes and other things regarding him. If you’re interested in hearing a bit more about the upcoming album, his views on IPRED and more you should check out the interview Level 8 Studios recently did with him (swedish only).