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Oliver Def & Bjarne B – Kärlek & Beats

Kärlek & Beats

Oliver Def & Bjarne B , consisting of producer Bjarne B and rapper Oliver Def,  released the EP “Borta Men Här” earlier this year and now the’re back with a brand new netplay! The netplay contains 4 tracks

“About 2009 and about how everything started. It’s a mix of the funky, the sugarsweet, the self-exposing, the raw and the beautiful. A bit like love. A bit like hiphop.”

I’ve listened to the netplay a couple of times now and I really enjoyed it so I recommend you all to download it!

The cover is designed by Jens Moses


01. B-boy Deluxe
02. Försökt (feat. Huzzlin Sanna Ohlgren)
03. Ljudet du gör (backup vocals by Huzzlin Sanna Ohlgren)
04. Wazzap

Download the netplay from here!