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Professor P & Dj Akilles – Do What’s On Your Mind feat. Timbuktu

Maintain Ep Cover

Professor P and Dj Akilles has been working together since 2005 and in 2007 they released Professor P’s debut album “Patience” through their label Loyalty. “Patience” was followed by the mixtapes “He’s the Dj i’m the rapper” and “Large Professor P”. Both mixtapes contained classic beats with new rap by Professor P, but now it’s finally time for some brand new material! On November 4 they will release a new EP called “Maintain EP”.

“Do What’s on your mind” is the first single from the Ep and it features a guest appearance from Timbuktu (always nice to hear him rap in English).

The EP will apart from Timbuktu  feature a guest appearance Dj Static and the whole EP is produced by Professor P and Dj Akilles. The EP will be released on a limited edition vinyl on November 3 and digitally on November 4 and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. The vinyl will be limited to a 100 copies which will be numbered and signed.

You can listen to “Do What’s on your mind” on Youtube:

For more information and news about Professor P and Dj Akilles check out their blog!

Professor P och DJ Akilles – He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper

Fresh Prince and Dj Jazzy Jeff released “He’s the Dj, I’m the rapper” 20 years ago and now it’s Professor P and he’s constant producer DJ Akilles turn to release a mixtape with the same name (note, released some weeks ago).

It’s a classic sound combined with lyrics from the present time. The mixtape contains seven remixes of famous hiphop tracks and a remix from a track at Pro P’s debut album “Patience”. Produced by Proffessor P and DJ Akilles for ProAktive Beats and guests such as Prop Dylan, Arka, Remedeeh, Mr. Noun, AFC, Choys, Verbal and That Dude Prince!

You just gotta love this tape! Download it here!