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Ken Ring – Hip Hop

Ken Ring released the first single from his upcoming album, “Hip Hop” a couple of weeks ago through the DN PåStan blog. The video, which is a mix of newly recorded material and some old footage from the archives, premiered today on his blog.

The video is directed by Maceo Frost and the track is produced by MarksBeats, recorded by Dawouid in Dehdinpoik Studios and mixed by Ken Ring.

This definitely sounds promising and I’m really looking forward to his album, which will be released sometime during May on POPE Records

Ken Ring – Hip hop

Ken Ring

When Ken Ring released his last album, “Äntligen Hemma” he stated that it would be his last album as a rapper and that he from that point on would focus on producing. Fortunately he changed his mind and is now, the same year that he’s celebrating 10 years as an artist, releasing his 10th album. The album is called “Hiphop” and will be released sometime during May on Pope Records.

The first single from this album is also called “Hiphop” and it describes his career and life in music.

The track is availible exclusively from Axel Björklunds blog at Dn På Stan.