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Professor P & DJ Akilles – This Is It

I höstas släppte duon Maintain EP och har sedan dess turnerat runt både själva men även som förband till Daniel Adams-Ray. De bägge singlarna (Fallin’ och Do What’s On Your Mind feat. Timbuktu) har roterats på radio och mottagits väl i vårt avlånga land.

I den nya singeln This Is It får vi följa de motsättningar som Professor P & Akilles slits mellan; livet på scen och extrajobben på sidan av för att klara hyran. Videon är producerad av den flitiga Critical för Basementality, som i sin tur aldrig verkar tröttna på den svenska hiphop-scenen. Utöver det är låten givetvis producerad av Professor P & Dj Akilles samt mastrad av den mästerliga Erik L.

Critical feat. Dj Akilles – En Varning

The video for Criticals “En Varning” featuring Dj Akilles (cuts) has now hit youtube! It’s a dope song produced by X:144 (US) who won Scribble Jams Producer Battle 2008. It is directed by Oliver Martin Henriquez (ODMH) for Concrete Steppa Pictures + intro by Dennis Näversköld who often is behind Criticals well produced videos.

“En Varning” is taken from his CD / Vinyl album “Let’s Get It On” which was released earlier this year through Basementality.

Buy “Let’s Get It On” at CDON, iTunes or Coulisse Records!

Elsa – Girl In The Game


Elsa is a 20 year old rapper from Stockholm and she has recently released “Girl In The Game” which is the first single from her coming album “Stickup”. The album consists of productions from RSL Beats, Kryptonite, Yas (Goldmine), Duggud, Bum Bill + guest spots by Critical and Bashie.

Elsa released the demo “Satisfaction (PrettyUgly)” 2,5 years ago which was well recieved by the audience as well as the press and radio. She played at numerous gigs all around Sweden the summer of 2007 til early 2008 and got airtime on both swedish and french radio.

Since then she has feature several mixtapes and compilations (Best Of Swedish Groove for example) and now she is, as we said, about to release her record “Stickup”.

“Girl In The Game” is produced by RSL Beats and recorded at Level 8 Studios where the whole record has been recorded as well.

Click here to download “Girl In The Game”

or stream the mp3 via Elsas MySpace