Embee – Desire To Be Free ft Nina Ramsby


Embee, who use to call him self “Dj Embee” back in the days when he founded Looptroop Rockers in 1991 together with Promoe, recenlty released a single. “Desire to Bee” is featured by singer  Nina Ramsby and is of course produced by Embee in the notorious “Wax Cabinet”.

For me, Nina Ramsby has until now been an completely unknown artist, but she does have a great voice and the collaboration between them both in this track is really a great match. The track takes me back to his fantastic solo album “Tellings from Solitaria” when he released the single “Not Tonite” featuring another unknown artist (for me), Vanessa Liftig. Let’s hope there is a solo record in the making because I want another “Tellings from Solitaria” this summer.

If you haven’t paid any attention to Embee’s solo releases, be sure to check them out:

  • The Mash Hits Mixtape (2006) — 12 remixes mixtape
  • Tellings from Solitaria (2004) — Solo album
  • The Casual Brothers – Costumer’s Choice (Part Two) — EP, collab CosMIC (2003)
  • The Casual Brothers – S/T — EP, collab CosMIC (2001)
  • Embeetious Art (2000) — EP
  • The Way Beyond Mixtape (1998) — Tape

Click here to download “Desire To Be Free ft Nina Ramsby”