Max Peezay & Hop Louie – Boven i dramat

Max Peezay & Hop Louie - Boven i dramat

Max Peezay (also known as Tom P from the group Fjärde Världen) released his album “Discokommitén” in 2006. The album featured a dark electronic sound and fast paced rap that was heavily influenced by the British grime-scene. After the album there was a lot of talk about a DVD release and a mix-tape release, unfortunately (at least as far as I know) none of this was ever released and there wasn’t much news about a possible new release from him.

Until a couple of months ago when he released the track “Boven i dramat” and announced that he will be releasing a sophomore album with the same name. The album will be released on May 1 and will be released as a CD and book in collaboration with the street-art artist Hop Louie. Hop Louie has created illustrations which reflects the sound and lyrics of the album.

“Boven i dramat” will feature productions from Cari Lekebusch, Juuso Pikanen, SKITZ beats, Maniac, Daniel Savio (also known as Kool DJ Dust), L-Wiz and Systematic.

With the release of this album the artists and the independent record label Devrim wants to show that you can still produce and distribute music without using the old ways cemented by a dying breed of major record-labels.

“Boven i dramat” is avaliable for pre-order through Dokument Förlag.