Adam Tensta – Dopeboy ft. Eboi [Video]

Adam Tensta releases his fourth video – Dopeboy ft. Eboi – today. Tensta, who has opened for Rihanna, Busta Rhymes and Jay Z, has conquered the Scandinavian music scene, rapping in English. Even thou Adam Tensta might not be my cup of tea I have to take my cap off and congratulate for the success. Dopeboy is the latest single from his award winning album “It’s A Tensta Thing” and his wingman Eboi features it. Eboi really shines at this one, and I hope RMH Entertainment will back him up soon exactly like they did with Tensta. But I’m sure they will as soon Adam Tensta’s tour is over.

The same team as before stands behind the production of this gallant video.

Direction: Marcus Lundin
Art Direction/Artwork: Albin Holmqvist
Postproduction: Mats Skoglund & Dennis Nenov

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