Timbuktu & Damn! – Live!

A couple of years ago Timbuktu was on some heavy touring together with Damn! and Chords and could be seen all over Sweden. The shows were very popular and they really were something extra. Or so I’ve heard, some assclowns at megafeztival refused to pay them so I didn’t have a chance to see them in 2004 (I got to see Chords though).

Fortunately for me (and many others) they recorded some of the shows and released them on CD. The CD sold some time ago and now Timbuktu & JuJu Records are releasing it as a free download, so if you haven’t got it already this is a great chance to get one of the best live CD’s I’ve heard!


1. Intro/Lobbyn om 5
2. Din lian i rapdjungelen
3. Ett brev
4. Strö lite socker på mig
5. Gott folk
6. Gass Jaal/afrikan Scanien Music
7. De luktar rök
8. Pendelparanoia
9. Dynamit
10. Ta de lugnt
11. The Botten is nådd

Klick here to download!

  • http://www.lovecatmusic.com RandyFX

    we are big fans of Damn, and are always looking for new songs by them. I am here in New York, and for purely selfish reasons I would love to hear Timbuktu rap in English. Viva Damn.

  • The Salad Days

    im not sure if there is much recorded with timbuktu and famn where he raps in english. I know that telia showed some footage from their live show in new york a couple of years ago, bur i think he mainly raps in swedish. Exept when he is backing up chords.I also have a live clip with Timbuktu, chords, mapei and damm! Performing “mo money mo problems” but I think he only does the back up vocals there as well.