The Last Days of Disco – The Last Dance LP

Last Dance LP Cover


The Last Days of Disco‘s long awaited debut album, entitled “The Last Dance LP”, is out now!

The Last Days of disco concists of producers K-Laz (who soon will release music under his alias “Blänk“) and Soul Supreme (probably most known to the public as Kocky, who released his second album “Stadium Status” just a couple of weeks ago). The group formed in 2005 during one drunk evening at “Hultsfredsfestivalen” when they decided to make music together. Their debut-single, “What does it mean 2 U” featuring members of Sleeping Giants, was released in 2006.

But after that it went quiet, until february this year when they released their second single, “This is what I look like naked” which featured Promoe.  They might not be very well known i Sweden (yet!) but they’ve already managed to get distribution in Italy and it seems that their music is very well recieved there.

I currently don’t know where you can get their album other than iTunes, but it’s definetly worth the 90 SEK it costs. If you don’t believe me you can listen to the full album here!

  • Mia

    Den fanns på Ginza som beställningsvara för 159:- Kanske lite dyrt för en EP. Men med tanke på hur varm Stadium Status gått hos mig kanske det är värt det.

  • The Salad Days

    Mjae det är ju en fullängdare så det är ett vettigt pris tycker jag, har inte hört stadium status ännu men jag måste säga att jag var besviken på Kockys debut. Jag föredrar Soul Supreme framför Kocky

  • Niklas TSD]

    Vem föredrar _inte_ Soul Supreme framför Kocky :)

  • Mia

    Kockys debut var trist, men Stadium Status är helt fantastiskt bra! LYSSNA!!!