Diversidad Experience – Single [Video]

A really cool european collaboration has been made through the on-going project “Diversidad Experience”. The result is the song called “Single” with following guest spots:

Akhenaton / Shurik’n (IAM – FRA)
Abd Al Malik (FRA)
Nikk Furie (La Caution – FRA)
Promoe (Looptroop Rockers – SWE)
Curse (GER)
Baloji (BEL)
Noora Noor (NOR)
Sam The Kid (POR)
Dj Cruzfader
Mucho Muchacho (7NotAs7Colores – SPA)
Sam The Kid (POR)

The song is produced by Spike Miller and you can go a head and do your own remix of the track at www.diversidadexperience.com

For more information about Diversidad Experience – the european urban experience, go visit www.myspace.com/diversidadexperience


You can find the lyrics here! You’ll need Acrobat Reader (or another program that handles PDF Documents) to view them.