Erik L – Loose Control EP [Download]

Loose Control cover

Erik L is one of the half of the music production team “Flyphonic” which is most famous for being the production team behind / a part of Supersci. They have also worked with many other within the swedish hip hop scene like Organism 12, Ison & Fille, Blackfist, Chords and Fattaru but also with artists such as Kissey Asplund and Stray.
Last june they gave out their 5 track EP “Mosaic Tiles EP” that received great reviews and which was one of my personally favourite releases last year. Anyways, Erik L has now released an EP called “Loose Control” with features Detroit CYDI & Stryfe, Stray (if you haven’t checked out his album yet, you’ve missed one of this years most interesting albums!), Kissey Asplund and Rep Life.
Snippets are available at Erik L’s MySpace  where you can also download the EP or get it by klicking here!