Adam Tensta – Up And Comming feat. Eboi

 Adam Tensta
Adam Tensta is currently one of the brightest shinings stars on the Swedish Hiphop-scene. Last year he released his debut album “It’s a Tensta Thing” which was well recieved by the critics as well as the audience. and he won the Swedish Grammy awards for best “Dance/Hip Hop/Soul” 2008. The album mixes hiphop with House/Electro, thus making the sound very club-friendly. But even though it all may sound like club-bangers he still writes conscious lyrics, something that has made some ciritcs claim that he’s the future of Swedish hiphop. Now he and RMH ent are releasing a new track for free on The track, that is called, “Up And Comming” is produced by “Howard Who” and features “Eboi” who hopefully will get some more recognition this year (he definetly outshines Adam on this track!).